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Pen: A blessing of God

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Mohammad Hussain Khan
Ever since the inception of the universe, the struggle for existence has been going on incessantly. Everything and everybody craves for recognition. And many a time man’s this desire has taken him to the battle field where the swords settled the scores making one a victor and the other a vanquished.
But history is a proof to the fact that even after winning the battle it has been felt that real achievements lay not in conquering the hearths but in winning the hearts. And the hearts can best be won by inculcating in them the desired ideas, where pen has a role.
Ever since man existed, so too did his pen exist. With the passage of time, the only thing that changed was the form and mechanism of this pen. The fact this tool of knowledge has stood the test of time and is a living proof of its power. One should never underestimate the impact of the written word. Even in an era like ours, where there are so many innovative ways of capturing knowledge, there is nothing that matches the written word.
It is through the pen, that we can fashion the generations that will follow. If we give up the pen, we are effectively giving up on the next generation.
Dear Readers, Allah swears by the pen. The pen is one of Allah’s signs and the first thing He created. Allah’s predestination, legislation and revelation all are recorded by the pen. It is the pen that carries Allah and His messengers’ orders, serves in maintaining people’s honour and dignity, safeguards, property, lineage and rights.
The pen when in the hands of a doctor looks after people’s health. It is the companion of both the king and his followers. It testifies the trustworthy as being honest and proves the liar to be a liar. When in the hands of an Hon’ble Judge, it established Justice and settles disputes. The pen writes history and records world events traced and conceptualized it so vividly that as if the one hearing them can see them with his own eyes. It is the pen which refutes deception and exposes the various kinds of falsehood from innovators. Let pen rule, in all aspects of man’s life.
Dear Readers, every day we write something, whether a small note or a book. The process of writing is a wondrous ability that we humans enjoy. The pen remains an enduring symbol of communication, the means by which thoughts, ideas, and information are moved from one source to its recipients. The very first revelation of the of the holy Quran mentions the pen as among the blessing of God.
“Read in the name of your Lord who created; He created man from a clinging clot. Read, for your Lord is the most generous; Who taught by the pen, who taught man what he did not know” (Al-Quran”.)
The pen is seen as an important insight in Islam as it transmits the voice of the soul and is the tongue of the mind. Despite, the crucification, poisoning, hanging and assassinating of great men, they still live with us through their pen that wrote every inspiring message for ages to come.
Even in routine life, the pen has the power to make a man. In the hour of crisis some soothing words from a dear or near one can put the sinking one back. Conquests of pen are complete, permanent and constructive. They bring mental, moral & spiritual progress.
To conclude: “My two fingers on a computer have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does.”

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