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At the end we’ll die

Peer Mohammad Amir Qureshi

We take birth and enter this world with a cry

Even small things make us happy I don’t know why

Our parents feel proud when we utter a word

As it may be the sound of a mysterious bird

As we grow up the responsibility increased

The dreams the childhood memories gets seized

The home work, new assignments and exams

 A person doing articulation of unheard program

Then during these though times their comes a ray

We get freezed where ever we stay

The flashbacks of her beauty came into our mind

It’s the first time when we feel life is so kind

After few semester’s you get into a relationship

We don’t know how our life took a flip

But this time will not last for long. Why?

Time is passing on and ‘at the end we’ll die’

(The author is a poet and freelance writer)

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