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Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah
We believe a little in Darwin’s theory of human metamorphosis and how early men went through assorted settings of transformation. At the same time, there is no ethical testimony to substantiate Darwin’s theory correct, merely we can conceive things that happened before in a synthetic way, or we can say this can be factual or not.
The realities written by historians could be pure manipulation and their own interpretation of events. We sometimes believe in history, and every so often we insist on discovering the traditional facts of the past. There weren’t educational institutions when mankind arrived, but with each passing day, there was a gradual modification of events, traditions, culture, clothing, et cetera, and this was enough for a man to run forward and explore the new veiled realm around him.
Education is the only tool for transformation, but at first, early men did not understand what education means. The early man continued to make a difference around him and took a keen interest in teaching others in his tribe. He never knew that what he was doing is called education, but there was no reason why he should see things differently. Thus, education can lead to transformation and primitive man was responsible for it.
The current world is strengthened by educational institutions and without these investments, one cannot survive. We are extremely in need of education to prove our calibre, potential, and dedication. Without educational institutions, things, and situations would have been very different from what we perceive and think. We are now launching rockets to Mars and other planets, and this is only possible when robust education is provided to people.
There are over 195 countries, each with distinct educational policies and principles. In that respect are different educational institutions all around the world and these are government-aided schools, private schools, trusts, public aided schools, etc., but the satisfactory thing is that our doctors, engineers, astronauts, scientists, professors, teachers, etc., come from all these schools. How can one develop an inferiority and superiority complex? None is superior and none is inferior.
We are human beings, and we need to recognize human dignity more than making false judgments and false accusations. There is no distinction between a government teacher and a private sector teacher. Well, both are contributing something to society, but sporadically we may develop complexities like behavioural issues, supremacy, exploitation, humiliation, et cetera, and we sometimes find it best to degrade the one we don’t like at all. It doesn’t work that way.
Teachers can make things possible even when students feel they can do nothing. The teacher is the perfect motivating tool, and they can revolutionize the whole scenario of the education system. There are things that we need to keep in mind when dealing with students.
These people are unconsciously active, and maybe they know how to manage situations. Regardless of whether we are experts, we also make mistakes and those mistakes cannot be altered at this stage. Hence, what we need is to be a good teacher and a source of inspiration for others too. Teachers are our true strengths and without their support, we can never accomplish anything in our lives.
This world has produced legends that have endeavoured to bring about a massive change in all areas due to their gentleness, kindness, and generosity. We should welcome teachers who are enrolled, whether they come from public or private schools. I see no difference at all, and future generations would have no impact on that either. Our Government should also change the perception of private schools across the country, and our leaders must come forward and appreciate the efforts of private schools as well.
At a minimum, they also deserve to be respected like government schools. If we favour discrimination, there will be no appreciation, even if we achieve the best. We have to come together collectively and join hands to promise not to degrade each other.
This is the only way to stop the spread and bring positive changes to our education system. One-sided perception will never help us meet the needs of individuals. Our government should treat all schools the same and focus on unity rather than subservience and separation. Through suppression, hatred, and animosity can only be fostered. We must produce perfect equal educational rights among the schools to prevent our coming generation from ultimate devastation and discrimination.
We need to spread all our educational assets for a better, more just education. This should be the strategy. In addition, the authorities should eliminate biased education systems and unjust behaviour by the administration towards private institutions.
As previously stated, private and government institutions provide the same education. As well, the registration process for private institutions is expected to be seamless. However, turning them into scapegoats and reducing their morale to zero is sheer dilettantism.
(The author is a student of English Literature and a Research Scholar)

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