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Why delay new curtailment schedule

Why delay new curtailment schedule
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We are approaching the summer season and the weather conditions too have shown tremendous improvement. Not only the daytime but even the night temperature has showed considerable improvement and it seems that winter season is on its fag end.
The arrival of summer season has meant that various government departments which switch on to the winter mode during November have jumped back into their old gears and various works have been taken in hand to get many running projects complete.
This is quite visible as many departments including the all important roads and buildings department has initiated road maintenance works and other projects so that the arrival of spring season can get things going in the right direction.
The same modus operandi is adopted by various other departments who too have started preparations to cope up with the improved season and temperature. This type of mindset has been a routine in Kashmir where the arrival of spring season means that works that have either been suspended or put on hold are started afresh after the season witnesses a change.
However, one department that has failed to take a stand over the needs and demands of the people is the power development department which is still sticking to the winter schedule of power curtailments in most of the areas.
Though a revised schedule was being discussed few weeks back but the approval for announcing a news schedule has been put on hold for reason unknown and it is the common man who has to manage with dark evenings and his wait for the announcement of a new curtailment schedule has been prolonged.
The new power curtailment schedule is the need of the hour as the offline mode of education has been started which means that students have to devote more time for studies during evening hours but for the want of electricity they have to shelve their plans.
Importantly, the new curtailment schedule should have been announced almost two weeks back as the winter schedule is proving to be too harsh for the people around this time of te year.
Although power curtailment has been minimum this year but the administration should focus on improving the services so that the people who end up paying for them feel some relief.
The new curtailment schedule should immediately be announced for fully metered areas as they deserve some relief for paying up proper dues for consumption of electricity.

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