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Hazrat Ali (RA): The heir of the Prophet (PBUH)  

Hazrat Ali (RA): The heir of the Prophet (PBUH)  
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Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

‘Days are the pages of your life time so bind them with your best deeds ‘ (Hazrat Ali-RA)

The importance of Hazrat Ali (AS) to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) can be gauged from the fact that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) usually assigned Hazrat Ali (AS) to perform the most important and difficult tasks.

Throughout life, Hazrat Ali (AS) continued to obey the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in every way. Seeing this sacrifice, the Holy Prophet said in his sermon of Ghadir Khumm: “Whoever is the enemy of Ali is also my enemy and whoever is the friend of Ali is also my friend.

After the departure of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) until the time of the third caliph, Hazrat Ali (AS) performed important deeds and services and when Hazrat Ali (AS) became the caliph, he overcame the unrest and disturbances in the whole country, but the enemies did not allow him to rule for long and killed him.

He died in 5 AH. Total five year nine months to rule. Nahj al-Balaghah is a masterpiece of his teachings, sermons, wills, essays and moral values, compiled by Sharif Razi. The article highlights some of the important moral values ​​of Hazrat Ali which are a beacon of light for human beings.

Hazrat Ali joined Beloved Prophet (PBUH) in all the battles except the battle of Tabuk in which Beloved Prophet (Pbuh) left him for the protection of the people of Madinah and said, “O Ali! You have the same relationship with me as between Aaron and Moses.” Except that no prophet will come after me.”

Hazrat Ali (AS) showed the essence of bravery in all the battles and in the battle of Khyber he defeated the warriors of the Jews and in the fierce fighting he lifted the gate of Khyber in his hands and used it as a shield. The Prophet (PBUH) had given him a shield in the battle of Uhud called “Hatamiyah”

The Famous Nawaat khwan Hassan bin Thabit wrote best words as mark of respect towards Hazrat Ali (AS). Below is the translation of these Arabic words

Translation: And Ali had troubled eyes, he was waiting for healing medicine, but he could not find a doctor, and in the end he healed Ali’s eyes with his prophets blessed mouth water (saliva) , so blessed is he who heals and blessed is he Healed and Prophet said: “I  today(Khyber Day) I am giving the flag to a young man who is the owner of a cutting sword and a brave man. He who loves Allah and obeys His commands loves Allah and Allah also loves him too and by his hands Allah Almighty will conquer the strongholds. Prophet have made Ali among all human beings to carry out this campaign. Prophet chose him and made him his minister and brother. Hazrat Ali says: “After that, I never had any pain in my eyes for the rest of my life. Then the Prophet (PBUH) blessed  Hazrat Ali with the flag and said:” Go. And don’t look back.

Some famous poems of Allama Iqbal in the court of Hazrat Ali which have no precedent following is the meaning of these Persian couplets

Muslim e awwal shahe mardan Ali

Ishq ra sarmaya e iman Ali

Ali is the first Muslim and the king of men, In Love’s eyes, Ali is the Treasure of the faith.

Az wilae dood manish zinda um

Dar jahan misle guhar tabinda um

Devotion to his family inspires me with life, so I (Iqbal) am shining like a pearl in the world.

Az rukhe uo faal Paighambar grift

Millat e Haq az shikohish far grift

From Ali’s face, the Prophet drew many a fair omen, by his majesty the true religion is glorified as a result of your splendor.

Quwwat e deen e mubeen farmudaish

Kainaat aaen pizeer az doodaish

Your words are a source of strength for the enlightened religion (Islam)  the world got  constitution, law all things pay allegiance to his House.

“Everyone has an end, it may be pleasant or sorrowful ” (Hazrat Ali)

On the morning of the 5th of Ramadan, the accursed Abdul Rahman Ibn Muljam, who belonged to the Kharijites, struck him on the head with a poisoned sword.

According to Alama Iqbal

Mayaisar nahi kisi ko ye saa’dat

Ba kabah wiladat ba masjid Shahadat

This happiness is not available to anyone

Born in the Kaaba, martyred in the mosque

“Words are in your control until you have uttered them, for when you have spoken them out you become under their control. Therefore, guard your tongue just as you guard gold and silver, for often one expression snatches away a blessing and invites punishment”. (Hazrat Ali-RA)

(The author works as Edp Head and Counselor in DD Target PMT Parraypora)

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