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Moulana Muzaffer Jameel an eloquent preacher

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Dr Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

A great and all times Dae and scholar, Moulana Muzaffer Jameel, Aharbal  Kulgam, is one of the best known Islamic scholar in Kashmir. He believes that Dawate Deen as the fundamental and obligatory part of every human being. An appreciable and authentic part of the Dawah, he is predominant, and probably known as the best preacher, having eloquence in sermon deliverance.

As a young man, he has visited far and wide in order to extend and accomplish the ideology of life style of Suhabah among the Muslim Ummah. His intellectual frame of mind has brought him early into religious preaching. While hearing his sermon for the first time at Khalil Jamia masjid, he reminds us the iconic figure in the Islamic world, Moulana Tariq Jameel.

His preaching and great eloquence in preaching have no character indifferent from the world’s best preacher as his voice, great command over urdu, poetry, Islamic resourceful knowledge, gesturing features and pain and cry for whole Ummah are at spot as Moulana Tariq Jameel has.

Probably,”When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) started his mission of improving the mankind, people became his bitter enemies. They tortured him and his companions severely. He (PBUH) bore all hardships manfully and continued his struggle. At last, he (PBUH) became successful.”

The importance of Dawah has been emphasised many times in the Quran: “Who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah, does righteous deeds and says indeed I am among the Muslims. You are the best nation raised up for humankind.”

This has deeply inscribed in the mind of Moulana Muzaffer Jameel , started his early Islamic education at Gujrat, has great feeling and inclination towards the betterment of the society. He has thoroughly prepared his mind for visiting to each and every part of the world with flag of Dawah.

Moulana Muzaffer Jameel, is a great person and contributes in the field of Dawah from his childhood, integrated with great moral character. He has virtues of great value such as integrity, courage, honesty and loyalty. He is consistent in the mission of Dawah and remains on toes to accept every Takaza of Deen.

He walked with steady trustworthy, honesty, shouldering the responsibility of Dawite- Islam with fair and sincerity. Moulana is an inspiration to the whole valley especially to the young people as he is full of faith, courage and right epoch on future prospect of Dawah work.

His travel from Masjid to Masjid with Tablighi Jamaat calling the people to make Akhirah as an important and primary goal of life. His emphases  on the fact that worldly commitments, Halal earnings and other responsibilities of family should be done in a good manner.

In the words of Maulana Yusuf Rahimullah “The prophet (SAW) made an effort which changed every man’s ways of Faith worship, earning, eating, wedding, meeting, dealings etc. With this aim Moulana Muzaffer Jameel and epic Dae of the world has taken U- turn from the world affairs and moving with the Tabligh to revive that effort on the pattern of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and Sahaba( RA).

He has a continuous Dawat and Islahi Programme while traveling on the purpose of Dawah, completely following the instructions of Dawah, encouraged and inspired the young generation from all corners of the valley.

It is an exciting moment that how great Islamic scholars influence not only adults but also children and even their life style has great impact on every aspect of the society.

Inspiration starts from his struggles to their passion and achieving great reputation in the Islamic field then there is an endless number of things that can actually become a learning experience for all.

He not only wants to develop Islamic education among the youth of present world but in terms of world affairs he wants to assist students to reach optimum educational development.

This can help the students to make right choices, as well as make adjustments in relation to schools, curriculum, courses and school life which contribute to the all-round development.

(The author is a scholar and hails from Kuchmullah Tral)

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