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Listen to the voice (Addressed to youth)

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M H Khan

You are neither a child nor an adult

Renew, refresh and maintain

A clarion call

Go all of you

Where there is ache and hue

You are not stocks and stones

Better to wear out than to rust

You owe to dredge gold dust

Oh! Muscles of iron

And nerves of steel

Down on luck

Pell-mell you struck

You dared to gainsay milk bottle

You dared to validate sauce alcohol

Thousands demanding instant attention

To shut off mewl, cry and tension

Your clarity, wisdom and strength

Switched over to opacity, folly and frailty

You are gone off the track

Damn! You pitched into vitriolic acid attack

Things you have heard

Just in case, just in case

A leader of future is leader of now

Time still to come, time arrived now

All prawns, patsies and proxies

Will met a good wallop to freeze

Listen to the voice, O, dream of tomorrow

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked

Nurse the sick and serve the sufferer

Respond to the call

May you never be caught in brawl?

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