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Depression: An epidemic disaster

Depression: An epidemic disaster
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Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah
“The history of this known or we can say unknown disease is pretty common, and we all are suffering from this uncured disease. The more we get in the touch with the advancements; the more we fall or sink into depression. So, teach your kids to not make ‘Introversion’ your abode.”
The present well-equipped and well-learned world is on the last stage of deadly destruction. This insidious ‘Epidemic Disaster’ is killing people gradually without letting them know. We read so many stories of the past, or we read how they used to live? What kind of activities they were associated with?
What were their food habits? How are they used to communicate? The arousal of such addressable questions is genuine and a common fact to all of us. Where are we wrong, then—if we are surrounded or flooded with so many facilities? Why ‘Depression’ like thing exists in our lives even after so much comfort and easiness?
Study has shown that half of the world’s population is into depression since the emergence or existence of ‘Modernization’ and ‘Advancements’. No doubt we have encountered glaring changes in every field, but we have not kept in mind the consequences. We always blame ‘time’ that it is ticking; our analysis, interpretation is radically wrong! It is human who is changing, as ‘time’ is never getting old—humans are getting old perpetually, though! Our teachings, lectures, and speeches are not perfectly armed with good thoughts and ideologies.
Persuasion is a must if you want to see a change. We need to change the way of teaching, and we need to focus properly on what are the requirements of our societies; especially our schools, colleges, and universities. Why depression has caused much frustration among common masses?
It is just because of mismanagement, or we are lacking that intellect to reduce such terrible calamities. The common reason for all this could be unemployment, stress of studies, excessive homework, intimidation, love issues, parental issues, scarcity of resources, examination fever, visuals of future, poverty, nepotism, favouritism, lack of physical exercise, junk food, corruption etc.
There are ample issues that could trigger one to act like a beast or get involved in drug-like menaces. Who is responsible then? Who should be blamed for all the turmoil going on in our valley? Well, the answer is unknown to all of us! In a way, we all are responsible, but it doesn’t mean that this could be the appropriate answer for the above question. At the age of 6, depression can make its entry unannounced.
A maximum of our kids are the victims of the same thing. It is seriously puzzling as how the 6-year-old kid could have the symptoms of depression? How is this possible? This is an alarming call—if we don’t look into the matter; then we should be ready to face the wrath of depression in future.
Teenagers, adults and many other people from varied backgrounds and age groups are on the brink of ‘Depression Disaster’ it is a serious threat to the Economy as well as Education of the country. If we try to bring out the problematic issues in our day-to-day lives, we may get over this. We should not work hard, we should work smart. Government too should start an initiative to eliminate such untreated disease by providing proper training to all the concerned authorities.
If we seriously want to get away from depression, then we need to change our thinking pattern as well. If we are succeeding in our mission, then neither unemployment nor any other thing would harm us. We should educate parents to teach their kids not to make ‘Introversion’ their abode because lack of physical exercise and laziness could lead us into the state of depression.
Junk food and parental issue is another massive cause; these issues are common in kids and teenagers. To mitigate such illicit diseases, we need proper attention, and we need to motivate them in a very convenient way. A quality education, proper care, happiness, motivational speeches are some remedies to cure depression. We all have one problem in our filthy minds and that is ‘we are jobseekers, not job providers’ be the second one and make the difference.
The fear of losing someone is another major concern if we talk about the present world. Above all, we are bombarded with depression and anxieties. We are the future leaders and if we don’t work on it then our future would be at stake. Cure depression with not medicine, but with change. If we can make a change, then every other person throughout the world would do the same. So, be the change and change ‘Depression’ into ‘Resumption’.

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