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Positivity, a hard nut to crack

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Syed Fazil Bukhari
Life is all about ups and downs. From scholars to religious preachers, everyone talks about remaining positive during pessimistic times. However, the thing of utmost importance is that how to remain positive in hard times. What are the ways to be followed to get it? In this piece of writing, I will talk about the ways, which can be quite helpful in this endeavor.
As we are Muslims, we can never be pessimists. Allah and His book say that a true Muslim always is optimistic. He can never fall in despair. He has hope against hope. He always has a positive bent of mind. We have a plethora of examples in front of us, where in the times of pitch darkness and hopelessness, the positive bent of mind and hope has helped the pessimistic people to come out winning and become a source of light for others. They scaled inaccessible mountains. They crossed bottomless seas in the hope that there is someone, who would never leave us and we would come winning. Yes, they came out winning. So, the first lesson for is that Islam is all about positive bent of mind. It makes us hopeful and never leaves us in want and wailing.
The second thing is that in order to have positive bent of mind, one must have the company of the positive thinking people. Positive people in the sense, who can lift each other’s spirits in the moments of crisis. When there is no hope, they act as pillars to pull out hopeless people from the depths of despair. In this way, the company of the positive people acts as a catalyst in spreading the rays of the positivity.
The third thing is that we must avoid pessimistic thoughts and people. The pessimistic people often are the source of chaos and confusion. They act as a barrier in the smooth functioning of things. They make the bright things dull. In the times of despair, they increase the intensity of despair and break the energy for nothing. In this way, they destroy the main motive of the positivity.
The fourth thing is that religion is the main source of positivity. Fanaticism is the opposite of religion. Religion means internationalism. It means to think that pessimism is not the aim of religion. It is about to take things in a positive manner. Pain, death, old age, etc., are not things to be hated, but to take them as a source of positivity and growth. It is a fact that religion has a lot of times proved quite healthy. It has built the morale of those who have fallen into the pits of despair.
In short, if we want to be positive in every situation, we have to face negativity and come winning. Positivity is not the absence of negativity; it means to take negativity as a source of optimism and build a building of positivity. We must strive to be the source of positivity. Well, it will take time, but there is a hope that one day we will the champions of positivity.


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