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Yet another challenge

Yet another challenge
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The way covid-19 is increasing its challenge with every passing day we need to understand that getting ready to deal with the situation is the only answer to fight the disease and its impact.
Right now covid-19 and more so-arrival of Omicron has set the alarm bells ringing across Jammu and Kashmir. Beside, the rate at which transmission of the deadly infection is taking place, has added to the concerns.
Given this situation we need to understand that improving and augmenting the healthcare infrastructure is the only option to avoid a catastrophe as our healthcare infrastructure has so far managed to barricade the spread of the disease and its off shoots.
From arranging for various new covid facilities to enhancing medical oxygen supplies besides other drugs, the administration needs to think on various modules which at this point of time need to be out of the box solutions so that no critical situation is faced anywhere in the UT.
In this regard a timely decision to increase oxygen beds across Jammu and Kashmir to ensure immediate treatment for the people requiring hospitalization can be seen as a major leap in fighting the infection.
Making the availability of these covid beds should be the beginning as many more such decisions need to be announced in the coming days so that the emerging situation can be tackled well in time.
Preparing covid beds is no easy task. One needs to have all the facilities available that any patient put up at these facilities is in need of. This includes medical oxygen supplies, availability of water, washrooms and other facilities including the all important medical care.
Creating all these facilities needs time and effort and since we are already running late on creating of such facilities we may have to put in extra efforts to see such facilities are created in on ground.
Since experts are predicting the peak of the third wave by February we still have some time left to organize ourselves and provide some answer to the increased demands of beds and other essentials.
The authorities also need to emphasize on taking comprehensive measures for better patient care management and ensure triaging and judicious referrals from districts as the district level health facilities too have been added to the covid hospitals list which means that the infrastructure in the districts should also be put to optimum use.
However, the authorities also need to stress on the fact that medical care facilities are also equally important and for this the staff that needs to run the show has to be arranged. Our healthcare workers have been already on tenterhooks and it is almost two years now that they have been going on and on despite all odds.

Right now the focus should be laid on following CAB strictly and for this the authorities need to rope in several departments like the police and revenue which can form teams and ensure strict compliance to covid appropriate behavior.
At the end what matters is the co-operation from the people and their acting wise to avoid rapid transmission of the covid-19 infections.

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