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Drug addiction: A concealment of brain

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Dr Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Drug addiction is the one of the unethical conduct like corruption, domestic violence, dowry etc that hampers peace, prosperity and progress of the society. This bad attempt not only affects the person’s biological capacity but it also effects the psychological coordination, decreases mental sharpness and even change the behaviour of addicts drastically.
Quran says about this unethical conduct by using the term” Khamr” which literally means concealment, actually the drugs or alcohol put a veil or conceal the mind such that it does not function properly.
In another verse Quran says: “They ask you about wine and gambling. Tell them, these are great sins in them, even though they bring some profit to the people but their sin is greater than their profit”
Again Quran says: Indeed, Satan desires to incur enmity and hatred between you through wine and gambling and he desires to prevent you from God’s remembrance and prayer, yet will you, then give them up”
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Says “every intoxicant is Khamr, and every intoxicant is forbidden”
The Quran and Hadith are the highest teachings over all knowledge condemns strictly of any desire of taking drugs or alcohol. This is the most grave concern in the society that has brought forth direct, exact and clear influences on the welfare of society especially on the youth. The persistent or sporadic use of drugs has given huge challenge to the parents, common people, intellectuals, social activists, school or college heads and Government officials.
It has driven human beings to morally questionable behavior and their deviation from proper social code of conduct. Among young boys and girls it has resulted in great harm on their academic or professional career as this covers the mind of the addicts and change the psychological coordination and function.
Jammu and Kashmir is the recurrent feature of this drug menace and has become the hub of drugs. According to one of the reports that in J&K 6 lakh youngsters have become victim of drug addiction that means 4.6 percent of total population are involved in this menace.
In addition to this it has increased by many folds especially the age group of 17-33 years. Illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, brown sugar, cannabis, opioids, morphine, codein, caffeine, nicotine etc are among the drugs which are used by these youngsters.
The other effects behind this concealment of brain is unemployment as usually these youngsters get deviated from the path of educational career, maladjustment in the society, less outreach to the religion, slowing down the function of CNS and effecting the senses and feelings of the drug addicts.
Ironically, girls happen to be the part of drug addiction menace now and are highly involved in trafficking of drugs of varied choice. Some girls who are feeling depressed due to matrimonial issues or any social issue begin to use drugs and get addicted to them. They even use drugs to escape from varied pressures of life or try to experience the more pleasure (Euphoria) but this compulsive use of drugs among the girls has embarked adverse effects on their health mind and ethicality.
Socially they feel incompatible, losing touch with a sense of right and wrong, they fail to keep themselves busy in constructive works, fail in realizing their dreams and thus having destructive consequences. When girls usually get addicted to drugs they lose their control and fall unconsciously at isolated places this can invite any immoral act factors such as molestation or any sexual harassment.
Drugs to which young boys and girls become addict does not merely impair the person’s cognitive skills and behavior but also damage their abilities such as reading, writing, thinking systematically, self-respecting, versatility, perception etc.
Drug addiction especially spoils the golden period of boys and girls as they feel psychosocially disturbed and they lose the desire of right kind of education and being developed. The drug menace can destruct the potential of school going youth and can lose zeal and zest, enthusiasm, energy and direction towards their goal.
The OPD of drug de-addiction centers enroll at least 90 percent of drug addicts who usually take drugs through injections especially heroine.
In combating the drug menace in Jammu and Kashmir, parents have to play a key role in counseling their children at the moment when they try to interact with other individuals. Parents also have to focus constructively using the power of youth for the betterment of society and do proper guidance for future opportunities, educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities have to be involved on an agenda where they can aware youngsters about the bad effects of the drugs.
In addition to this police has to play a big role to initiate stringent efforts and act as watchdogs to curb trafficking of drugs and they have to bridge a concrete coordination with the heads of colleges and schools so that awareness and updated reports can be made easily about the drug addicts.
The government should maintain a close look over drug menace along with other social institutions that have been earmarked for the job. Social activists and religious leaders also have to address this grave issue at public gatherings or at congregational meetings so that in a conjoint way society will be able to free this malignant for brighter future of Jammu and Kashmir.
(The author is a research scholar who writes on social and religious issues)

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