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The Owner of the Day of Recompense…

The Owner of the Day of Recompense…
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Sufaya Yousf:

The Arabic word for “Recompense” is ad-din الدّیِن this means the day of reckoning and judgment. And from the names of our lord is ad- Dayyan (الدّیانُ) this means “the one who will take the people to account and judge them”. It means that only Allah has the will to judge and ask us.
In surah Al-infitar verse no 17-19 chapter no 82 Allah(swt) said about the day of Recompense that: And what will make you know about the Day of Recompense is? Again, what will make you know what the Day of Recompense is? ( It will be ) the day when no person shall have power ( to do) anything for another, and the decision, that day will be (solely) with Allah. (Surah infitar)
In these verses is fear of Allah and fear of meeting Him and standing before Him. Whatever actions we are doing here, good or bad, will be questioned on the day of Recompense. Whatever deeds we are doing here either in the daylight or in the darkness of night will be rewarded on that day when everything will be shut and all the powers will be in the hands of the Master.
Imam Ahmad (RA) recorded that Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Aqil heard Jabir bin Abdullah say, “I was told about a Hadith which a man heard from the Prophet(صلى الله عليه وسلم) , so I bought a camel and put my saddle on it, then I traveled on it for a month until I came to the Levant, where Abdullah bin Unays was. I said to the doorkeeper, ‘Tell him that Jabir is at the door.’ He said, ‘Jabir bin Abdullah’ I said, ‘yes.’ So he came out, still putting his garment on, and embraced me, I embraced him, and said: ‘I heard a hadith narrated by you, that you heard from the Messenger of Allah about reciprocal punishments. I was afraid that you or I would die before I could hear it.
He said, ‘I heard Allah’s Messenger say: (Allah will gather the people – or His servants – on the Day of Resurrection, named, uncircumcised and Buhman.) I asked, ‘what is Buhman?’ He said, ‘they will have nothing on them. Then a voice will call out to them that will be heard by those far away just as easily as it will be heard by those near: “I am the Sovereign, I am the Judge. None of the people of Hell should enter Hell if he is owed something by one of the people of Paradise, until I have settled the matter, and none of the people of Paradise should enter Paradise if he is owed something by one of the people of Hell, until I settle the matter — even if it is only the case of slap.’)
We said, ‘How will that be, when we have come before Allah barefooted, naked and uncircumcised and having nothing with us.’ He said, (By (merit for) good deeds, and (recompense) for evil deeds.) Narrated by Ahmed in his Musnad, and by al-Bukhari in his Sahih.

A whole situation of the day of Recompense is created in this Hadith of the Prophet (saw). On that day all the people will be gathered. Even those people who died or were buried thousands of years ago will stand from their graves and go to the place of gathering to stand before their Lord, And they will be gathered naked no branded clothes on that day.
All humans are equal on the Day of Resurrection, they return to their Creator without positions, wealth, offspring or lineage, in a state of terror, fear and awe due to being gathered to face Allah for judgment and retribution. They will have nothing with them except their deeds, good or bad.
On that day there will be only one Supreme Judge (Allah). That day no one can lie or hide anything because the earth itself will narrate what occurs upon it, and the actions the people did on it, both good and evil. The earth will witness what occurs onto it, and the conditions, statements, and the actions of the people upon it. The earth will be a witness by the command of Allah not only the earth but everything in this world even our own body parts will bear witness in front of Allah(swt).
When the people come from earth and gather together, they will stand before the Almighty (The Supreme Judge) and receive the rewards according to their deeds. That day all the people will be placed in categories, each group according to their actions, good and evil.
That day everyone will see with their eyes, witness, and be presented with that which they put forth and the deeds they committed, good and evil. All of their actions will be enumerated for them. The enumeration of the actions- good and evil- will be down to an atom’s weight.
An atom is the smallest unit of matter. Thus the weighting of deeds on the Day of Judgment will be down to an atom’s weight, for both the good deeds and the evil deeds. They will see all their actions and nothing from their good deeds or their bad deeds, their small actions or their big actions. They will receive the reward for righteous actions and the punishment for their evil actions. This will be an exact recompense.
So, we must be careful of our deeds. It is up to we people, we must control ourselves from doing wrong things in our life. We should strengthen our belief in the Almighty. We must avoid all the sins, major and minor, and if we fall into sins we must rush to repentance and devotion to Allah.
May Allah(swt) forgive all our sins, major and minor……(Ameen)
(The author is a student and a regular contributor to ‘Kashmir Vision’)

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