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Delay in time bond promotions

Mushtaq Bhat

God created this world and the teachers were entrusted to educate the beings living on it. Without good teachers, no one would be educated, no country can progress. Hence for better performance the present day governments have to encourage the teachers and give them the dignity and honor they deserve.
It’s evident that unless the government is pro-active in taking care of the benefits and service conditions of teachers, nothing can translate into action — unhappy teachers make unhappy students.
Although teachers are hailing the efforts of officials of the Education department in redressing the grievances of teaching community, however the Department is unable to initiate the process of in-situ time bond promotions in favour of Reduced/Normal RRTs even after completion of 12 or 13 years of regular services.
First of let me try to explain the above nomenclature viz a viz Reduced/ Normal RRT’s. These teachers were engaged as Rehbar e Taleem teachers on merit basis under the centrally sponsored scheme of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan vide government order No 396-Edu of 2000.
During continuation of their duties the government issued an order No 1289-DSEK of 2005 wherein a decision was taken that one Master was to function as Head teacher shall be posted in each Middle School upgraded under SSA by corresponding “Reduction” of the post of teacher viz Rehbar e Taleem in the middle wing of the same school.
The Rehbar e Taleem teacher thus becoming surplus due to this decision of government shall be adjusted in the primary wing of the same school by effecting transfer of the regular teacher from the same wing and his/her honorariums shall be drawn against the regular posts.
When we quote the above order, it is quite evident that all those teachers figuring almost 672 have been adjusted/shifted to regular posts by the Department itself in 2005. Now these teachers have completed more than 12 or 13 years and are yet unable to get their time bond promotion which is due after completion of nine years.
These teachers while roaming from pillar to posts have appealed and sought interventions from the concerned quarters for their legitimate rights of time bond promotions but in return the Department put hold the process and directed them to submit their files for transition to Grade-2.
The question here is Grade-2 teachers after struggling hard were adjusted to supernumerary posts and finally Department is bound to adjust them on Substantive posts. But the lot of reduced RRT’S are already shifted and adjusted to substantive posts, they are having proper and genuine orders and even entries on their service books besides drawing their salaries against normal posts through proper treasury system. Now, why the Department is trying to put fluid on its own order and is victimizing the lot by disturbing their peace and mind set?
These victimized teachers having none of their fault finally knocked the doors of Honorable Court wherein the Honorable CAT passed it’s judgment which reads “we dispose the O.A with directions to Respondent (i-e Commissioner/ Secretary to Government Education Department to consider the case of these applicants for in-Situ promotions). However, the Department is still unable to consider the facts.
I am writing this piece with the hope that it will get noticed by people at the helm and they will consider all the facts in order to ease the sufferings of this victimized lot and will initiate in-situ time bond process in favour of these teachers without any further delay.
(The author is a teacher and can be reached at mushtaqbhat1312@gmail.com)

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