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The year gone by

The year gone by
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Lalit Garg :

Saying goodbye to the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century, let us welcome the New Year with the thought and determination that we have to do something new, be new, and set new milestones.
In addition to the corona epidemic of last year, we have to take actions against the sufferings, pain and outbreaks of seasonal disasters, economic imbalance, political upheaval, icy storms, oceanic cyclones, floods, forest fire, global warming and other issues.
We have to resolve and take an oath that in the coming year we will not do anything that puts a question mark on our objectives, hopes, aspirations and ideals. We have to give a new colour and shape to our lifestyle in the new year amidst the sound of the third wave of the corona epidemic i.e. Omicron.
The corona pandemic has disturbed our way of life. Welcoming the New Year, it was not unusual for us to wish that we would regain the glory of our lost ideal and balanced life and once again the harmony would be established in our lifestyle. But if we take stock of the situation on the passing of the complex phase of Corona and welcome the New Year, then our national, social, family and personal life-values, economic conditions, business, employment and functionalities are visible in fragments.
During this, Corona forced the entire humanity to kneel on its knees. So far 270 million, more than 65 lakhs people have been infected all over the world. Of these, about 54 lakhs lost their lives.
In India too, this figure has gone up to five lakhs. India is counted among the top five countries to be victims of this tragedy. Not only did people die from Corona, but a large number of people also became victims of misery. However, it was a matter of comfort during this time that the central and state governments did not hesitate to fight the epidemic.
Two vaccines made in India gave people the strength to deal with this life-threatening disaster. Due to the resolution of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, since January 16, more than one billion, 400 crore doses have been given. Not only this, there were efforts to bring back the economic growth rate, but it will take a long time to heal the wound of the epidemic and defeat Omicron.
In the last year, we have been forced to drink bitter sips of economic imbalance. During this, the gap of economic inequality in India widened further. In India, 57 per cent of the country’s total income went into the pockets of the top 10 per cent. Half of the population earned only 13 percent.
Efforts made in the past to eradicate the poverty line, have again engulfed the blind den of poverty. The poor countries of the world will have to fight for self-reliance very fast. The coming years are sure to be of economic nationalism.
Now, not ignoring the threat of Omicron, both the government and society have geared up to deal with it, but when the results will come, how many will come, no one has any guarantee. It is still unknown how deadly Omicron is going to be. Precaution and vigilance is very important, the government wants to make the life of every person advanced, healthy and prosperous, but progress starts getting blocked the day we stop paying attention to our shortcomings and errors.
This situation makes a person do such things, which later on prove to be harmful for him. Our flawed lifestyle makes up for it. If there is an imbalanced life then a person cannot think positively. The question to consider is, for what purpose should life be lived? The question that should be in front of every person is why am I living? If we consider the purpose of life, then a new reality will come to the fore and the question of the style of life will also come to the fore.
The crisis is not only of the corona epidemic, there are many other crises. China and Pakistan are creating conditions of unrest and war on the borders. China attacked India, its forces also tried to break the limits and cross the borders. Last year, 21 army personnel including a lieutenant colonel were martyred in Galwan.
In the year 2021, blood was not shed again on the border, but the series of unprecedented and dangerous tensions continued. Will China’s attempt to cross its borders be curbed next year? Not only this, the return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan is also a crisis for India.
Due to the strong intentions of the central government, the conflict between India and Pakistan may not have taken the shape of a major conflict, but in 2021 shells and bullets from across the border have so far swallowed more than 35 soldiers. Drones coming from Pakistan also became a cause for concern this year. Disturbing Kashmir once again and increasing terror activities there has become a matter of concern.
In the midst of situations of violence, terror and war, India has also created a unique environment of cultural and religious upliftment. A unique initiative has been taken to restore India’s pride.
(The author is a New Delhi based writer and Journalist)

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