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No further delays

Dear Sir, Apropos “Iran insists on crude exports as Vienna nuclear talks resume” (Kashmir Vision, South Asia Page, December 28, 2021).
“For diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible.” This statement of former US President George W. Bush seems have to been diluted to a great extent in the American politics during the Donald Trump era.
Mr. Trump’s series of egregious policies and isolationist rhetoric including the withdrawals from Trans-Pacific Partnership, Paris Climate Accord and the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (The US-Iran Nuclear Deal) have tarnished the integrity of the US in the recent years.
There should be no further delay in rejoining the deal. The US must end the game of who blinks first by removing the sanctions it has imposed on Iran to build back its trust and in due course, Iran should also take initiatives for reducing its stockpile of enriched uranium.

Tushar Anand,
Abhiyanta Nagar, Bailey Road, Patna, Bihar

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