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Too many expectations hurt

Too many expectations hurt
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Let me begin with a beautiful thought of Shakespeare, “I always feel happy. You know why? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone”…….’Expectations always hurt’.
Since majority of the people living on the earth are dependent on each other in one way or the other, it becomes very clear that humans have been created in this universe to set up a sound social system. He or she is the beautiful creation and pivotal part of the society. In other words, it is human beings who create or design a society and its structure. That is why man is labeled as a ‘social animal’.
The structure, design and set up of our social system teach us dependency on one another in many ways. People are very much dependent in almost every single aspect of life. In this context, some people become recipients and some have the tendency to give.
This capacity of social network cultivates among men the approaches of dependency and none of us can deny this fact of life. This is an important part of human life and we cannot isolate ourselves from this reality. At an individual level, everyone among us is bound to it and the reality is that we all are very much bound to it in one way or the other. But the question that arises here is, what should be the human behaviourial approach towards dependence? What are its merits and demerits?
In other words, let me explain and derive this concept in the light of the concept i,e. “Too many Expectations”. The extreme dependency leads us towards too many expectations which are very negative for human personality. It has very negative impacts which I mentioned in the beginning of my write up that “Expectations always hurt”.
Most of the times extreme dependence of a human behaviour makes us to expect too much from others which ends up as a catastrophe. Too many expectations from others in one way or the other never get them to explore their potential, efficiency and efficacy. Moreover, let me fit this concept in another and different mode of life too.
At many instances, expectations also yield too much positive results. At times, it has also been observed that many children lived up with the expectations their parents have on them. They do exceptionally good in examinations or sports. They don’t let their parents go down. There are many occasions people performing exceptionally well in many other fields too and lived up within the parameters of expectations.
But it is not always the same. The bitter fact is that majority of the time we failed to generate or attain positive results from this way of living concepts. The word “Expectation” is very sensitive word in the terminology of literary diction. It can be used under different terminologies on different occasions and circumstances. That is why, the word “Expectation” is used under different literary traits and dictions.
While deriving different pros and cons of this word and its role in our lives, we should also understand this word ‘Expectation’ in the light of our religion-Islam. In every aspect of life, Islam bestows us with peace and security. Islam guarantees us with beautiful life.
When it comes to expectations Islam sets out different parameters for it. Islam defines this version and concept in view of different perspective. Under the parameters of Islam, the word “Expectation” has very negative impacts on individual’s personality.
In other words, we can say that Islam denounces it strictly. Fundamentally speaking, Islam says, that all the expectations of a person shall be attached to Allah (SWT) alone. Moreover, the expectations on the basis of individual existence to one another are very harmful.
In other words, we can say that Islam prohibits it on the basis of dependency approach among human beings. Which results in “too many expectations” connected with men not with God? It is like doing ‘Shirk’ to have mere expectations attached with the individual rather than Allah (SWT). That is why, as a writer I wanted to explore and define this word under the umbrage of different ideologies and dialects.
This particular concept cannot be perceived through any particular form of dialect because it has dimensional approach based on different assumptions whether religious or any other.
Under this approach and research, sometimes we have seen “Expectations” might have build carriers and lives of people and on the other hand it has also ruined many human lives too. Being the variety and different aspects of the same word, people always come under the shade of dilemma while expecting too much from someone.
Literally speaking, I would like to elaborate this in a different manner. For me the level of high “expectations” is always a dangerous thing. It is dangerous in many ways under different circumstances. I have myself witnessed many even and odds, sometimes breaking down of friendships, relationships and so on because of “Having too many Expectations”. Sometimes due to overlapping expectations, people get emotionally hurt and disheartened.
Being an ordinary writer, I would like to conclude this talk within the parameters of optimism. If we really feel our responsibility in truest senses whatever it may be, I think, we will never get this feeling.
I mean feelings of being too much dependent which ultimately results in too many “Expectations”. In nut shell, I would like to conclude with this version or line that there is a complementary relationship between the two words i.e, “Dependence” and “Expectation”.
Think about it for a while and you will get the appropriate solution “Why Expectations always hurt”?
(Eijaz Mir  is a freelancer and writes on different social issues)

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