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Shocking figures

Shocking figures
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Recently a shocking figure has come to the fore where the government informed that Jammu and Kashmir has six lakh people affected by drug-related issues and 90 per cent of the substance abusers are from 17-33 age group.
These figures were provided during a meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta that was called for formulation of an action plan for achieving tangible results on the drug menace front, on-ground results within a stipulated time frame by involving both divisional, district administrations and other stakeholders.
Since Jammu and Kashmir lies in close vicinity to the golden crescent which produces 80 per cent of the world opium and is considered as the prime source of illicit drug trade, the number of people involved in the substance abuse is increasing with every day.
Since six lakh people are affected by drug-related issues which is approximately 4.6 per cent population of the Union territory of which 90 per cent users are from 17-33 age group there is an urgent need for compiling data on production of poppy and cannabis in Jammu and Kashmir as well as cross-border transportation to assess the presence of these drugs and their synthetic derivatives in the UT.
Though lot is being done to curtail the substance abuse among the people in Kashmir valley still lot more needs to be accomplished so that the menace is curbed to the desired levels.
The reports about arrest of drug peddlers in Jammu and Kashmir almost get daily space in the media. On an average four people are arrested on daily basis and recovery of drugs and substances is also reported by the police.
The daily arrest and recovery of drugs from these peddlers indicates that youth in Jammu and Kashmir are falling to the menace of drug abuse at an alarming rate. The menace of drug abuse is assuming massive proportions and the authorities and people need to work out a solution.
The drug peddlers of narcotics and pharmaceutical intoxicants have unleashed drug peddling on a large scale in the length and breadth of the region, ruining and shattering families besides the health of these youngsters.
A comparison of the past few years shows that drug peddling is on increase in Jammu and Kashmir. The situation is more alarming as besides these narcotic substances a huge quantity of psychotropic drugs and other sedatives, otherwise used as medication-were also seized during this period.
Moreover, poppy cultivation and distribution of narcotics and psychotropic drugs has become widespread in many districts with many areas in south Kashmir resorting to various kinds of violations.
Notably, the police have deployed a huge network to keep a vigil on trafficking of narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs. District Pulwama, Shopian and Kulgam in south Kashmir is known for poppy cultivation. Many a time Revenue and Police authorities have destroyed the standing poppy crops to prevent popularizing of drugs.
Still drug trafficking in the UT has increased during the past six years. The trend seems highly disturbing as those involved escape the clutches of law owing to various loopholes.
What is needed is the law enforcing agencies need to get tougher on the culprits. The police and other law enforcing agencies need to get their heads together and frame a policy so that the routes of smuggling drugs and pharmaceutical intoxicants are plugged.
The administration also needs to draft an action plan for achieving tangible, on-ground results within a stipulated time frame by involving both divisional, district administrations and other stakeholders.



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