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Fashion—An arbitrary mistress

Fashion—An arbitrary mistress
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Mohammad Hussain Khan
Fashion comes into form as a matter of social development, in a society from one stage to another. As a community its members develop certain specific trends of living in various walks of life. There is a gradual break in the tradition values, giving way to new ones keeping with the spirit of the times.
Fashions have a particulars sway in metropolitan cities where the impact of the modern mass media is the most sensitive. In such a society there is a greater mingling of diverse races, nationalities, regions and communities. In such cities grows what may be called an international culture characterized by widening of mental horizons and broadening of mutual interests.
No wonder, new fashions find their way into metropolitan cities, thereafter penetrating into other sectors of the country’s population. There is a horizontal and vertical interaction of culture flow. There is continuous cross breeding of fashions, many modern patterns come into vogue, finding ever increasing favour among the youth and then spreading like an epidemic.
How beautifully it has been remarked that fashion is an arbitrary mistress to whom we all are slaves!
Fashion is a made of way or manner in which one presents one’s self. It also means departure from the set routine. In simple words it means designing one’s self in the latest cuts and fits. So strange today our personalities are tailor made and barber made! And we feel proud of our up to date looks.
But then these ways of looking fashionable, change every now and then. To quote Oscar wilde, ‘fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months’. Certainly, fashions are highly short lived. They change more quickly than seasons and run faster than time.
There is an interesting joke about a man who was running the fastest possible with a pocket in his hand. One of his friends asked him the reason of his being so breathless to which he told that he has brought a saree for his wife and he wanted to reach home before its fashion changed.
So, this is a craze for a fashion! This is our chief bane that we live not according to the light of reason but after the fashions of others. Movies are highly responsible for moving people towards fashions. Everybody irrespective of the age wants to look fit and fine what no wonder at times one took to foolish fashions also.
In a free society where a private business can flourish on the strength of massive designs for fashionable articles, big forms or textile manufacturers lose no time in capturing the demand and styles initiated by heroes and heroines in the movies.
Certainly, the craze for fashions has taken the youth far off from the realities of life. Students have given up interest in their studies. They spend more money on clothes than on their books. They visit tailors more frequently than the library. They waste the hard-earned money of their parents and those who can’t afford them feel frustrated as many of them take to those undesirable ways of life from where there is no return possible.
In olden days people mostly followed the traditional pattern of living set by our predecessors on the basis of their religious values and beliefs but now “Tom, Dick and Hari” are in fashion, and fashions are set according to the Bollywood and Hollywood. Both men and women are perhaps the worst sinners in this regard. Nobody bothers whether the dress they have put on is decent or not.
No doubt everybody wishes to look well dressed and well groomed. But we must stop this mad race of fashions. We should adopt only those fashions which impress us by their seriousness and sobriety. They must suit our age, figure and pocket.
No beauty at the cost of modesty! No fashions for being fools. I wish our readers give up the habit of gaudy living and low thinking instead, take to simple living and high thinking.

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