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Lessons from the stock market

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Amit Singh Kushwaha
I have been learning to trade stocks for three months. During this period, I attempted to learn and comprehend the stock market using the internet’s tools. I made a profit of one rupee when I initially started intraday stock trading.
Although this is a little sum, it has piqued my curiosity in the stock market. With numerous great profits and big losses so far, the stock market has given me the opportunity to discover and feel many untouched parts of life. The first point to remember is that stock trading is not a speculative activity. Those who fantasise about becoming wealthy through chance have no place here. The stock market provides opportunities for individuals who behave with discipline, patience, and understanding while making decisions.
When I am learning how to trade stocks, I realise how valuable time is. In a fraction of a second, stock prices rise or decrease. A skilled tender must make the proper judgment to enter into a trade or quit a trade that has already been taken in such situations. The heartbeat begins to increase when the value of a purchased stock rises or falls. There is no need to make decisions based on your emotions in this case.
As with any trade, there is the possibility of making a profit or a loss. However, in the stock market, luck is not enough. Instead, the trade must be made after calculating the profit or loss ahead of time. I need to decide how much profit or loss I want to make from the trade. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences. All of this is true in my circumstance as well. People frequently engage in stock trading in response to positive or negative news about a stock. However, I thought it to be a hazardous move on my part. Trading without a thorough understanding of the stock’s volatility raises our risk of losing money.
Professionals can also be found on the stock exchange. Just as being a doctor necessitates an extensive study and the development of practical abilities, stock trading necessitates ongoing education.
When we invest our money in stock trading, both fear and greed take over. I did not get out of the trade on time, even after taking profits several times, and I ended up losing a lot of money. Controlling both the greed of large profits and the fear of loss in the proper way is critical.
My most important lesson is that in order to become a successful stock trader, one must learn to adjust to the market over time. I believe that stock trading is the best method to grow as an emotionally mature person.


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