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Covi-19: The battle isn’t over yet

Covi-19: The battle isn’t over yet
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Faheem ul Islam
Covid 19 has enveloped every sphere of life and still this disastrous virus is surrounding us with uncertainty. From last two years we have been facing the terrible consequences of deadly virus.
This may be very low amounted for some but for majority index it has been unimagined terrible phase. Every corner is witnessing retardation of progress whether it is societal or any political inclination. And in such a scenario India too witnessed it’s portion of bad times.
The terrible and heart melting visual situations created such a chaos and confusion which led the mental disturbance all over the community. But hopefully Kashmir remains on the border of covid 19 compared to the rest of Indian states. But it will be quite idiotic to be in the dilemma of being forgotten by virus. Even UT Jammu and Kashmir is under basic developmental stages but despite of all it remains as an marginalised section.
We all remained in doors as self quarantined during the first phase of lockdown which lasted through winter and we showed such a tremendous resistance to unmeaningless activities.
We were loaded with heavy Kangris and blanket substances to pass by the winter as well as lockdown. And even the spring time also went quite good. We gave preference to the both motivational orientation and value orientation to prevent this Pandemic for more hits and remaining quarantined.
We bore all the expenses of loss of educational services and other things as well, but to survive is the priority of being matured. As for me the loss in the educational field is irreplaceable, but the health of student’s remains on priority level. It was all the fault to allow tourists and other places opened rather than being more resistant to the health of people. It might be bit harsh to accept it but it is the reality that our future has been turned in the dark black hole where from we are unable to see.
As per the data durin the second wave, the infection rate was almost four times higher than that of the first wave. This observation, therefore, indicates that SARS-CoV-2 had mutated during the second wave to resist neutralization and enhance its transmissibility. The mortality rate did not show a corresponding increase during the second wave; however, the virulence of the second variant apparently declined when considering that the death rate declined in most countries.
The researchers caution that this assumption may change, as the second wave is still underway in several countries. The danger to life and health was more acute during the third wave, as shown by the fact that the rate of infection went up further to 1.7 times that of the second wave and 6.2 times that of the first.
The death rate in nations that experienced the third wave was 1.2 times lower than the second wave, and approximately half that of the first wave. The third wave is far from over, however, in most countries, which may indicate a final infection rate for this wave that is even higher than 6.2 times that of the first wave. One early sign is the 20-fold rise in the infection rate during the third wave in Japan, where the fourth wave is imminent.
Now as we know third wave is also at mark and at any instance situation can overtake and we can again fall in the same pit of destruction, so to overcome and make ourselves and others healthy we have to be evaluative in such time. We have to show tiny more determination to overcome the situation.
We all have to be open minded and let our minds be flexible to accept the situation without being the critiques of government and other platforms in the mean time. We should not even stuck with our traditional beliefs of ignorance but rather than that have to be surrounded with enlightenment of science.
It is very difficult to stand shoulder to shoulder in this pace of development and changing minds of generation. We have to be the examples of educated section rather than being street vendors to be the carriers of deadly virus for innocent people.
Now as we all know we are resistant as per the past history we can tackle with this situation. We have to play a role of responsible citizens for the vaccination drive so that we can overtake the situation and can live a breath of relief. It will be good in the religious perspective as well as of societal norms to stay indoors and be cooperative with governmental protocols to lead the situation get down and progress to overtake the situation for the betterment and well being of future generation.
(The author hails from Achan Pulwama pursues his bachelor’s honours degree in political science at Aligarh Muslim University)


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