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Wasting food is criminal

Wasting food is criminal
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Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi

Food is the necessity for all living beings, people work day and night to earn to feed their selves and their families, even many lose their lives for the food working in different countries to earn bread and butter for their families.
Life is not same for everyone, and those who have the blessings (food) must share with those who haven’t eaten since for many days or weeks. Our little intelligence can make a big difference, we shouldn’t buy more than we eat or we need at our homes.
We should make a proper list of eatables what is needed in our homes and also should make a proper policy of storing these food items so as to lessen the wastage of food items.
Let me remind you that, India wasted over 68 million tons of food in 2019. Around 30 percent of food is being wasted globally, an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food or roughly 30% of global production is lost, or wasted annually, according to the (FAO).
On the others hand some people even crave for food In Yemen more than two million Yemeni children under age group of five don’t have enough food to eat while more than 33% of food (worth $10.6 billion) is wasted in Saudi Arabia annually.
However, the “prophet Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH)” said that “It is not permissible to throw the food in the garbage. Doing so is considered as disregard for the blessings of Almighty Allah and a failure to comply with his orders.”
It is not permissible to throw leftover food and drink that can be used down the drain or to put them out with the trash. Leftover food must be saved for the next time or it should be given to the needy; if there are no needy people, then it should be given to animals, even after it has dried out.
On the one hand we acknowledge ourselves as most civilized but it’s not true as we always order excess food from hotels and restaurants after consuming a few amount of it, we waste it which isn’t permissible neither in any religion nor by any social standard.
“Kashmiri Wazwan” is most famous all over Kashmir but unfortunately it’s proving a big waste of food on a mega scale due to excess of cooking as some extravagant people have introduced many more varieties of dishes to it which sometimes are served to the people without carry bags, then people don’t have any option to let it waste.
Extra salads are often being served on marriage functions in Kashmir and are being wasted on mega scale. It’s sad to mention that in Kashmir we waste tons of food in marriages, We cook more than we eat and then throw it away or we throw it in the water bodies which causes water pollution along with food waste.
There shall be proper methodologies to tackle this situation in order to lessen the wastage of food which include shopping smart, shop in small quantities, not buying in bulk. It looks like a convenient method but research has opposed shopping in bulk as it leads to food wastage.
Store food in refrigerator so that it could be used for days, also keep food items in glass jars. Make pickles of vegetables or dry them so that they can be used for months. Ensure expiry and manufacturing dates of food items so that food couldn’t get waste. Make compost of food for plants as well. As a society we must rise up against this stupid act. We need to stop this, if not, then our society may run out of food sources which can cause a threat for the very survival of the human race.
(The writer is a student of class 11 and hails from Ganderbal)


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