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Social life relationships are important

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Vijay Garg
We are naturally social beings. We enjoy being with others. Many diseases afflict us because we live in darkness. We seek each other’s support from the beginning. This is why we live in relationships all through our lives.
These relationships are the lifeblood of our survival. Today, however, things have changed. Perhaps the blind race for money has left our social love and relationships far behind. We have become selfish. We water the plants of relationships when we need them, otherwise we don’t care if these plants dry out without water.
Secondly, today we are falling prey to foreign culture. We had already got foreign clothes instead of local ones and we like to speak foreign language. Then why not relationships? Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a ‘Lord of the Rings’.
Divorce is more common today than marriage. Marriages are consensual, and divorces are short-lived. When the choice is yours then why do divorces happen like this? The answer is that we are not giving the right education and manners to our children or let’s just say we don’t have time. Nowadays, it is no longer customary to keep parents together. They either live in the villages or have become the decoration of old age homes. We have no time to save them. There are only one or two children at home and both parents have jobs. Now the children get an atmosphere of loneliness from the very beginning, they are not in the habit of living with anyone.
They are only allowed to eat at home or provided a mobile phone, nothing else. Who learns and teaches cooking? When I was hungry, I ordered something online or made Maggi, pasta, noodles and drank Coke Shock. Now tell me, is there any need to live together?
Nowadays, children fall in love with each other at an early age and then put the same attraction in the name of love and put pressure on the family members to get married. Parents are forced to celebrate the welfare of an only child because they do not hesitate to commit suicide and are not in the habit of saying no.
Not only this, with the exception of a few days after the marriage, when the attraction is gone, such children are in such a hurry to separate. Here, too, parents give their full support. When the little things of a girl and a boy reach the parents, they themselves make them big and increase the trouble.
Recently I asked a woman why you don’t explain to the girl. Little things happen in every home. Why are you ruining the girl’s home? After listening to me she said angrily what to do when the guest is of no use, no one does any work, no one tastes good to him. I said, you already knew, then why did you send me? Did you know that it is useless? ….
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ……….. What a man, what a woman and what children grow up … everyone is busy. If there are four people in the house, all four have phones. Every day so many boys and girls are being fooled by Facebook and many other apps.
Many regain consciousness after losing everything. Anyway, nowadays children have a very important phone because of Corona. They do a lot of other things on the phone, even if they don’t read. And mothers would proudly say that even my youngest child would take everything out of the phone.
Nowadays, it is no longer the custom to go home with uncles, aunts and cousins. The children have got so many comforts in their home that they do not like to move to another place.
Now if we talk about adults then their condition is also the same. They also find it difficult to live with their parents, siblings are a long way off.
Everyone wants privacy. No one likes the words of the elders but those words are considered to be nonsense. Touch somehow forces them to separate and this is what their children do when they grow up. So it is very sad but the strange thing is that we teach all this to the children ourselves and then we suffer ourselves.
We need to understand the importance of these relationships in a timely manner. It is very important to have seniors at home. They also keep the house bright and we and our children get good manners. The biggest thing is that going out doesn’t worry about the house or the children. Let’s take care of these great relationships in time and understand their importance and make our home and life better.
(The author is a Retired Principal based at Malout in Punjab)


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