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Workshop on Research Methodology concludes at KU

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Srinagar: A week-long virtual workshop on ‘Research Methodology in Social Sciences’ concluded at the University of Kashmir.
The workshop, organized by the Department of Sociology, was attended by 50 research scholars of various disciplines of social sciences from within and outside Jammu and Kashmir.
During the proceedings of the workshop, eminent resource persons including Prof Vivek Kumar (JNU), Prof Noor Mohammad (AMU), Prof Ajailiu Niumai (Hyderabad University), Prof Manindra Thakur (JNU), Prof Paramjit Singh Judge (President, Indian Sociological Society), Prof Shafique Ahmad (JMI) and Prof S K Sharma (Panjab University), Prof Indira Ramaroa (University of Mysore) and Prof Aabha Chauhan (University of Jammu) shared their knowledge and experiences with the budding research scholars.
Head, Department of Sociology Prof Aneesa Shafi said the workshop was conducted to introduce participants to various research aspects and paradigms as well as to instill in them the ability to do independent research systematically.
“The workshop focused on the theoretical and philosophical dimensions as well as the rationale upon which social research needs to be structured,” she said.
During the week-long proceedings, the experts answered the practical aspects of research that a researcher encounters during various stages of conducting research while covering wide range of topics ranging from Understanding relationship between Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology and Methods in Social Sciences, Designing a Research Project and Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Ethnography to New trends in Social Research, Intra-disciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research, Discourse Analysis, Grounded Theory and Feminist Methodology.
Prof Aneesa described the role of such workshops as fundamental in exploring varied dimensions and the epistemological paradigms of research.
The Department is enthusiastic to organize such workshops in future also to ensure vibrancy among scholars and make the overall department run at par with the other reputed institutions of the country, she said.



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