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Low demand of produce: Green bean farmers in Kashmir exhibit concern

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Pulwama: The green bean farmers in Kashmir are worried due to the low demand of their season’s second produce.
Farmers from different areas of Kashmir who are associated with the production of green beans said that they sold green beans at the rate of Rs 30-40 in May-June but this time the rates in the market are just between Rs 10-15.
Irshad Ahmad, a farmer from Pulwama said that market is slump and they are forced to sell their produce at a low rate.
He said that there remains less demand of vegetables in Autumn season every year but not to the extent that we are witnessing this year due to which farmers are suffering.
He added that process of cultivating green beans is tiresome as land is first tilled, then pesticides and other nutrients are mixed with it after which beans are sown.
He added that it takes around two months to get the crop of green beans ready for which it needs watering and fertilizers.
Another farmer Ali Mohammed from Shopian district said that there are different varieties of green beans cultivated in Kashmir but the demand of pencil bean remains comparatively more.
He said that this season green bean farmers are suffering as they aren’t even fetching the basic costs.
The green beans have shorter shelf life and farmers are forced to sell their produce well before they get ruined.
Pertinently, the green bean serves as a vegetable dish in the valley and outside as well. Green beans are available fresh, preserved, and in frozen forms, and are enjoyed all over the world. Raw, steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked are the various options that people use to consume them.
Green beans are a good source of antioxidants and are rich in flavonol glucuronide miquelianin. Besides, they are also rich in proteins.
Green beans are high in vitamin K, and they also contain a decent amount of calcium. These nutrients are important for maintaining strong, healthy bones and reducing your risk of fractures.
Health experts believe that consumption of green beans helps reduce the risk of cancer. Moreover, they are beneficial for heart health. Beans also help slow down the problem of fatty liver.

Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a reporter and covers regional news and can be contacted ganaie@kashmirvision.in

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