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I Died a Death Today

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Fahid Fayaz Darangay
28 September 1995, Thursday a child was born like other children on that day. I am sure there would have been born millions in the world on that day as 385,000 babies are born every day.
These children will be a couple weeks far from their 26th birthday. Many would be waiting, many wouldn’t remember, many wouldn’t be in this world (they would be remembered by their parents only)and many wouldn’t be familiar that they were born on that day(there would have been no one left with them to tell this).
The child of which I discussed in the first line died today as his car got rammed by a vehicle. There were no injuries reported, no worries given, no cases registered and no fines imposed just like at his birth there were no hugs given, no desserts distributed and no money received. He died a simple death like his simple birth. People gathered and dispersed without cries and pattern.
Today while he was taking his final breaths, he listened few words which made his soul leave even before Hazrat Izraeel appeared. He didn’t seem to be listening any word or even a single syllable after those words. He didn’t recognize who said those words but the Aayats of Surah Yaseen which are generally recited in the ears of a dying person got mixed with those words. Perhaps they had taken a place in his subconscious mind.
The words were “goude chu yi handicapped, aemis kaem doup gaed chalawen”. Translated “that person is a handicapped, who have said him to drive”. These words sounded fluent, young and impressive to him. He did cope up with his physical injuries but couldn’t heal the emotional scratches of these words.
He tried to give reply, “accidents happen and mostly by the fault of judgment errors, there was no connection being handicapped and happening of an accident.”He almost screamed, “It was not my fault being born with disability rather it is your fault reminding me of it.” All these efforts of him went unnoticed .His sister was with him that day.
She screamed, “It is not his fault being born with disability rather it is our fault reminding him of it.” At this moment he thought was his sister’s blood forcing her to say this or if she wouldn’t have been his sister, would have she reacted and said, “goude chu yi handicapped, aemis kaem doup gaed chalawen”. Translated “that person is a handicapped, who have said him to drive” or would a stranger feel and say like his sister felt and said. With this question in thought Hazrat Izraeel and took him away.
Oh, I forgot to mention the name of that child, his name was Fahid Fayaz Darangay. He was born with a single hand (left).
(The author has done his Masters in Financial Economics from Madras School of Economics, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

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