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A renewed boost

A renewed boost
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The tourism sector has been one of the worse hit sectors due to the covid-19 outbreak. The industry has witnessed a huge slump world over and places like Jammu and Kashmir are no exception.
In Jammu and Kashmir tourism plays a vital role in shaping up the region’s economy. Jammu used to be dependent on pilgrimage tourism as lakhs of people thronged the various shrines and temples situated in the region.
This footfall not only helped thousands of small traders and hoteliers but all sectors of the economy used to be benefitted by the arrival of pilgrims. Kashmir too has the same story to tell.
Tourist footfall increased involvement of all sectors including hotels, handicrafts, food trade and other sectors as well. However, since the covid-19 outbreak the sector has already crossed all the limits of stress and unending loses.
Since the Industry has witnessed a virtual closure with people associated with this trade facing huge loses and an uncertain future, the pandemic situation has brought with it a soaring level of uncertainty and fears among the tourism players.
Most of the tourism players believe that given the situation that is reflected worldwide, it seems unlikely that tourism Industry will see a revival in the coming months. Though the sector may witness some arrivals but that will hardly change the ground situation where people in lakhs would find employment in the sector.
The situation that is emerging presently indicates that the Industry will have to bear with loses and strain for some more time.
Right now some efforts are being initiated like the recent tourism promotional campaign organized by the JK tourism department in Kolkata, the efforts need serious follow up so that the gains that are made are converted into actual and increased footfall.
The tourism Industry in not only vital and critical for ensuring growth and sustenance of other sectors of the economy but its sustenance is key to the very survival of the region as a whole. We only have tourism to sell to the outside world and if the industry gets trapped in the morass of debt and loses then its revival will prove to be a herculean task.
The government should also immediately devise a plan which includes forming a task force to not only seek the revival of the industry but also help it sustain the grey patch that it is going through right now.
Tourism and its allied sectors need help from all quarters and the government has some additional burden to bear. Though this may seem to be difficult in the beginning but the achievements that will follow will surely achieve something good for the entire region.
Jammu and Kashmir is presently witnessing a relatively calm atmosphere and tourist arrivals can help the region to tide over the losses and create a new beginning.

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