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The missing human touch

The missing human touch
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Zubair Hamid Parray
We are now living in a tech-savvy world filled with objects like smart phones, computers and tablets that have become an integral part of our life. It is now hard to imagine our lives without artificial intelligence. The progress that we have made from mobile phones to smart phones and computers to laptops, cable television’s to satellites, we wonder what is going to be next in this line of progress.
It is even predicted that artificial intelligence may exceed human intelligence. However, evolution in artificial intelligence is the result of evolution in human intelligence. Can artificial intelligence exist without human existence?
What do I prefer?
We are highly dependent on artificial intelligence and cannot imagine our lives without it anymore, be it for work, entertainment, studies or sharing opinions. Human collaboration with artificial intelligence has grown immensely.
Machines make our lives easy but cannot replace the humans in our lives. Humans are the creators and operators of machines. Human intelligence has an edge over artificial intelligence as it has the ability to create unlike computers and it is not operated by machines.
Human and Emotional Needs
We are addicted to machines. But what about our emotional needs? Can we talk to machine? Can we share our feelings with the machines? Can we fall in love with the machines? Can machines feel emotions? Can we just live with machines? Though these days we spend more time with machines than humans, we turn up to humans at the end of the day.
We are greedy creatures, aren’t we? Humans are emotional creatures and have several emotional needs. They can also easily get carried away with emotions. They often get stressed out by various events in their life. Emotions blur the effectiveness of human brain to make precise and logical decisions. Human brain is never as stable as machines. Human brain is highly influenced by emotions.
Humans matter to us the most and that is the important thing to keep in mind. We don’t want to interact with machines instead of humans. Technology exists to replace our shopping experience locally to online shopping, but not everyone prefers online shopping. Some people like to visit shopping malls personally, try different dresses and enjoy that experience.
When it comes to dealing with stress, we still need to consult a stress management consultant and not machines. Nothing can replace human communication. Just because technology is at hand doesn’t mean it is going to replace humans or be a better option all the time.
Machines are a Creation of Mankind
Humans are created of flesh and blood, they have a life. Humans have emotions and feelings; they express different emotions at different times. Machines work with their mechanical brain which is programmed by humans. Humans understand the situation and respond accordingly whereas machines do not have the capability of understanding.
Humans are creative and imaginative. They can create and invent new things but machines cannot do such types of work because they use artificial intelligence. Machines are operated and guided by humans. Humans are blessed with intelligence and emotions while machines have artificial intelligence. Humans have many diverse abilities in several things such as language, pattern recognition, and creative thinking.
Impact of technology on Human Life
Machines and technology are replacing manpower for certain jobs and this is the big reason for unemployment and which is also a drawback of the machines. As humans are being replaced by machine hence certain jobs are disappearing. The industrial revolution has also led to unemployment; as a result, there is a loss of medium skill jobs in various sectors.
Some effects of a machine on humans are competency, wars, and destruction, The radiation released from smartphones is absorbed by human bodies which can cause tumor, and also the power consumption has increased.
Increasing use of vehicles has increased air pollution that is damaging the environment. The effect of technology on our environment is severe and is responsible for drastic climate changes such as Global warming which leads to several diseases in humans. Machines are also responsible for the extinction of several birds, plant and animal species due to the changes in climate.
I personally prefer human interaction compared to interacting with a machine to shop or raise a service complaint. I also enjoy the company of humans rather than staying glued to the television or mobile phone.
Humans have emotions and feelings and dealing with them is a much better experience. Humans are not just controlled by brain but also by their heart. Human brain and heart is closely connected, creating an emotional whole. So, though machines have become a part of our lives but for me, I am a heart person so I would definitely prefer humans over machines.
(The author is pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature)


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