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Old age, the last stage of human life
The last stage or stage of human life journey is called old age. Everyone at this age should admit that the path set out to be here was relatively long. Until now, life’s difficulties and complications have been with us.
Today we have bitter and sweet experiences in dealing with them. For the rest of the journey, we will now move on to the final destination with honesty, friendliness and maturity. So a human being should make good use of time at this age.
In introspection, if there are half-finished interests, aspirations, shortcomings or regrets, if we keep the nights awake, then time is still in our hands. Pursuing hobbies and honing talent has nothing to do with age.
Our next generations have joined the fast-paced race, now let them go. Stability is not a law of nature. So the change of time should be adopted. Maintain your autonomy. In this day and age, every human being is self-reliant till this age
(Vijay Garg Former PES-1, Punjab)



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