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Defeating the evil

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Tousif Raza
There are many points in one’s life in which a person becomes overwhelmed with emotions and veins start bursting with anger and rage. The heart wants immediate retaliation, as much as possible to show the person in front of him such charisma of superiority and power that the enemy forces will be subdued forever. It may bring peace of mind and heart and also get rid of various dangers.
But Islam does not allow a decision to be made out of emotion, on all occasions where a person is usually out of control. The Shari’ah is about controlling oneself, acting rationally and deviating from events. It invites us to think and reflect which is called “patience” in the Qur’anic terminology.
In the Qur’an, “patience” is used in different meanings. One of its meanings is to forgive the evils of the evildoers and the guilt of the wicked, that is, to tolerate the painful deeds of the envious and the enemies instead of anger and provocation.
Anger and provocation are demonic influences. Satan seeks to arouse man by various means. So that he would get emotional and do something that would cause him far-reaching harm. That is why the Qur’an has always taught forgiveness and conveyed the message that there is a great reward in the Hereafter for those who forgive.
Mischievous and envious people should ridicule and ridicule as much as they want in the world, one day they will have to express their regret for what they have done. Everyone will be rewarded for good and bad deeds. There are many lesson where we can learn to take a track of goodness one among those beautiful lessons is whoever does good, does good for his own good, and whoever does evil, does evil for his own good, then you shall be returned to your Lord. ” It angered some Muslims, so Allah Almighty revealed this verse and advised Muslims to forgive.
Man is very weak by nature. But Allah has endowed him with a great blessing of the soul in order to cope with the weaknesses of the material exist. Strengthen your soul more than your body. Desire, grief, anger and anxiety are the weaknesses of human beings that degrade human beings from the level of noble creatures to a common creature’s level.
However, the cure for all these defects is patience. Patience is the thing that prevents man from evil. Patience brings man closer to God and brings him His mercy. Patience is a blessing that makes man the friend of God. The nafs urges man to sin, but patience saves him from the misfortune of sins. Patience is found in the close servants of Allah because it is one of the signs of being a friend and a loyal servant of Allah.
Even social evils can be eradicated with patience because it turns disable into an able person. A man full of imperfections, through the wealth of patience, can create within himself the qualities that can give him prominent position in the world. Allah says in the Quran: “Seek help through prayer and patience.”
It is due to the fact that prayer is a means of meeting Allah and patience is an inner strength that gives him courage with which he fights his faults and increases his strength so that no trouble or sorrow in the world bothers him. Even a soldier who fights for the greatest battles, if he is patient, victory will be his destiny because it is only patience that regenerate the strength among people through which he is able to overcome his imperfections.
Imam Hussain (RA) suffered from thirst in the hot sand but it is only patience that gave him the status of eternal dignity. Prophet Abraham (AS) was thrown into the blazing fire, but his patience made his every action worth living. Prophet Joseph (AS) was thrown into a blind well, but his patience led him to the king’s palace. His patience encouraged him to refrain from every evil even he was offered, then Joseph was imprisoned, but his patience made him the king.
Ask the Prophet Ayoob (AS) who remained patient for the love of Allah. There is no blessing given by Allah which he did not have. Allah took away all the blessings one by one from him. But he even didn’t take a breath of grief over it ultimately Allah titled him ‘The Prophet of Patience’. Sometimes a person gets fed up with his weaknesses and then loses his courage and takes wrong steps. Patience prevents everyone from making wrong decisions.
As a matter of fact we can say Islam has explored patience as the most powerful tool to cope with the weaknesses of sin. Aforesaid Quranic verse is witness. Allama Iqbal has also versed the condition of the youth of the Muslim Ummah in a versatile way as he says “Your sofas are Afrangi, your carpets are Iranian, the condition makes me cry.
Instead of showing hard work, hard work and skill, our youth spend their time in entertainment , negligence and carelessness. It is a time to work hard and show skill. It’s not a bad thing to have imported sofas or buy Iranian rugs, but it’s not a good idea to sacrifice your youth and spend your youth in material gains.
Patience is the only tool that acts as sword to stop man from doing all against his inner-self. The youth that develops self-confidence, self awareness and knowledge about God doesn’t need swords, but the youth of that ability are more important and useful than swords. Attributes are born from a great dollar like patience. It is only patience that is behind every effort. Patience is a weapon from Allah which helps to keep the soul alive and to draw near to Allah. Patience is difficult to write due to its thematic breadth but it can be said that patience is life….
(The author is a student and hails from Tangmarg)


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