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Hotel Management, catering technology is a nice career option

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Vijay Garg
Hotel Management is one of the verticals that comes under the hospitality industry. As the wanderlust trend has risen, this sector has witnessed immense growth. In line with the expansion of this industry, various Hotel Management Colleges in India have come up. These colleges offer degrees in various segments of the Hospitality industry.
Hotel Management graduates can work in numerous industrial segments as they are well-versed with different aspects of hospitality. They can get jobs in areas such as cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, diner chains, hospital cafeterias, and many more of the sort.
Hotels Sector Analysis Report states that the Indian Hotel Industry will be contributing US$ 275.2 billion to India’s GDP by 2025. It also stated that this industry provided 8% of jobs to Indians in the year 2019. This figure is expected to grow with time and so, getting a degree pertinent to this field becomes quite beneficial.
Since Hotel Management and Catering Technology unveils a lot of career opportunities, students can work in the following job profiles:
Hotel Manager: The name ‘Hotel Management and Catering Technology’ implies that students will learn not only the principles of hospitality but will get to know the postulates of management as well. Being a Hotel Manager means looking over and directing all the activities that are being carried out in the hotel. This is surely one of the most repaying and top profile jobs that a Hotel Management Course can offer. To become a successful hotel manager, candidates must have excellent communication, managerial and interpersonal skills. Along with supervising the overall operations, they also play the role of mediator between the top management and other workers.
Chef: So, who needs an introduction? Chefs are renowned around the world as they are respected and are in great demand around the globe In this degree, students get industrial training on beverage services, food production, bakery, etc and so they can make a great career as chefs. The main task with them lies in coming out with new recipes, fixing up the menus, and preparing high-quality dishes as per the consumer demand and specialization. They overlook the overall functioning of the kitchen and delegate the kitchen staff towards giving the best of customer delight. The best of Hotels largely rely upon these professionals as they play an important role in customer retention thus are paid very well.
Steward: A steward is the one who assists in the functioning of bars, restaurants, lounges, etc. Stewards perform the basic task of servicing the customer in a dine-in restaurant or even the in-room service in coordination with the restaurant manager, owners, etc. The traits that help one become a steward involve excellent communication skills, patience, courteous interpersonal skills, and willingness to work extra hours.
Banquet Managers: Banquet halls are booked for almost every function be it a small or large gathering right from a birthday party to marriage etc And in a gathering, all have to be taken care of: the food, services, catering, etc. So, this makes the job of the banquet manager a very responsible one to ensure all fall in line with the customer demand and expectation. It is again one of the most remunerative job opportunities and so it demands quality traits such as excellent communication skills, man management, organizational skills, attentiveness, troubleshooting, etc.
Restaurant and Food Service Managers: This is the profile that stands at par with Hotel Managers. These professionals are responsible for supervising the activities of sectors or organizations that serve food and beverages. They can be the managers of the franchise, eating joints, restaurants, etc. Again, to be a restaurant and foodservice manager, one needs to have managerial skills coupled with excellent communication and willingness to lead.
Entrepreneur: Candidates after completing this degree can kick-start their own business. They can establish their hotels, restaurants, eating joints, etc. But yes, you need to have the support of one of the Best Hotel Management Colleges in India. The best colleges give proper support to those who wish to start a new venture in this field to incubate and provide financial aid to potential ideas.
Front office manager: The front office manager works in the top senior position in an office environment that is responsible for handling all the customer queries and calls, ensure that the customer is taken care of and provided accommodation as per his or her requirement along with accounts and supervising the professional workspace. Those who aspire to become a front office manager should have traits such as excellent communication skills, managerial skills, and good leadership qualities.
Floor Supervisors: Floor supervisors work in the hospitality industry to provide an excellent experience to the patrons. They supervise and take care of front-end operations such as performing opening and closing operations, the delegation of staff, etc. This is again a remunerative job profile through which various other options open up.
Housekeeping supervisor: Housekeeping staff makes your stay better, like literally better. Housekeeping staff has the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. The housekeeping supervisor keeps a check on the whole housekeeping staff. Housekeeping Supervisors can work in hotels, hospitals, resorts, office buildings, etc.
Opportunities in Government Sector: The government sector offers various career opportunities to Hotel Management graduates. They can get jobs in various government sectors such as Airlines, Indian Railway, Indian Navy Hospitality Services, Shipping and cruise lines, State Tourism Development Corporations, etc.
Apart from these aforementioned job opportunities, students can also join academia or even go for further studies in this discipline. This is one of the Five Good Reasons to Choose a Hotel Management Course. Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is one such college that offers Hotel Management courses under its academic curriculum. Under the umbrella of Hotel Management Programs.
(The author is a Retired Principal and an Educationist based at Malout in Punjab)

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