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Congress should come clean on remark by Sidhu’s advisor: BJP

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Jammu: BJP general secretary Tarun Chugh on Thursday said the Congress should clarify its stand on the recent controversial remarks made by the advisers of the party’s Punjab unit chief, Navjot Singh Sidhu, on Pakistan.
He also said the statements made by Sidhu’s advisers were similar to what Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan Army chief General Q J Bajwa have been telling India.
“The Congress should clarify its stand on the statement of its Punjab unit chief Navjot Singh Sidhu’s advisors on social media platforms that India has occupied Kashmir. This is a seven-decade-long narrative of Pakistan,” Chugh told reporters here.
He said top Congress leaders such as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the party’s Jammu and Kashmir unit chief, G A Mir, are yet to clarify their stand in the matter.
“Sidhu’s advisers are saying what Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan Army chief General QJ Bajwa and the ISI chief have been telling India. The language of those who attacked the Indian Army with guns and bombs is now being spoken by Sidhu’s advisers. If the Congress does not agree with it, why have they not issued a denial?” the BJP leader asked.
He said it is a painful reminder of the events during which Sidhu had hugged the Pakistan Army chief when Khan became the prime minister of the neighbouring country and his advisers have now taken a clue from it.
“The entire country knows how friendly Sidhu is to Imran Khan and Bajwa and now, his advisers are serving Sidhu’s cause covertly, which is a big threat to the nation’s integrity,” Chugh said.

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