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Positive thinking can bring real change

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Eijaz Mir
The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose…..Khalil Jibraan
Human being is gifted with a sense of rationality through which he could differentiate himself from other creatures of the world. The gift of mental health is the best possible gift one could possess. The blessings of being mindfulness and consciousness are really a great treasure of Almighty Allah.
God has gifted human beings with this beautiful treasure and differentiated him from other animals. He created us by providing us with strong mental makeup. This is the most beautiful thing and gives us recognition and title to be called as human beings.
Our mental health and consciousness provides us a sense of rationality through which we could take various decisions. Our decision making and decisive powers are subjected to our mental mindsets. That is how we are different from other animals. We could think through our mind but they cannot.
We could difference between good or bad, right or wrong etc. This is all because of our mental health or we can say the power of mind or thinking. That is how our recognition justifies our practical approach and rationality of minds thinking.
The power of mental health and rational thinking gives us might to use all the things of the world for our benefit. The command of humans over other animals is due to his mental power and consciousness. Due to his minds consciousness, rational and practical thinking, he is governed to overlook other creations of the universe.
The way he is mastering all other powers in the world is all because of his ability of thinking. Thus enduring himself with such ability makes him supreme and powerful creation of the universe. His power of understanding gives him acceleration over others in all fields.
Everything created in the Universe by Almighty Allah is meaningful and they have importance at their own. We can never deny the eminent and vital role of even any minor creation of God. They all are meaningful and their role is as eminent as ours. They too have their role to play for the base and setting up this beautiful world. So we humans couldn’t even utter a single word denying their major roles.
But human beings are totally different and one of the biggest difference between other animals and human is a minds consciousness, mental health and growing thinking power. Human beings are gifted with such a beautiful mental makeup, which other animals are lacking as a whole.
Thus making us far more superior and dominant. Otherwise there is hardly any difference between them and us. The thinking efficiency overpowers us upon them and they all become our subordinates. The important question arises, if the power of thinking in human beings is utilised in a negative way. What will be the causes and consequences? This question senses very simple. But its answer is too complicated. The causes and effects of negative thinking are extremely drastic and worst. It will cause injury to everyone living in the whole universe. The people who possess such mentality are very harmful for the society.
The benefits of positive thinking are enormous and its impact on human body too is gigantic and fruitful. The positive thinking in humans is essential in all aspects, dimensions and fields.
The people possessing such mental makeup are very beneficial for the survival of a good social setup. The people who possess such mentality will never go astray. It is only positive thinking through which people never lose hope and passion.
Their hopes are interconnected with their positive thinking. Thus people who possess such mental makeup are the biggest asset of a nation. Positive thinking is all about positive hopes. The advantages of positive thinking is the attainment of such will power through which people are cured of from various dreadful diseases. It is positive thinking of the people which prepare them to fight with life threatening diseases.
The will power which helps them to fight various diseases is all because of their positive thinking. The positive thinking in them helps them to fight enormous problems and challenges. They fight various challenges and problems because of optimistic thinking. According to science, when we start to think positive, our body releases positive energy and thus connecting us with various forms of goodness. On the other side, If we start think negatively our body releases negative energy thus connecting us with various forms of evils, avoiding us to attain any goodness or salvation.
The positive thinking is connected with salvation and atonement. If we think positively we release positive energy and it helps our body to work out with self consciousness and self determination. Our body executes every single task with the signals received from mind. Mind acts as a Central Processing Unit in our body. Thus if we receive positive signals from our mind our body function will be positive.
Our execution of work depends on the signals received from the mind and brain. So if we encompass positive thinking in our consciousness, the body will receive positive signals. It will help us to refrain from pessimism and every time we will achieve the tasteful results of being positive. Have you ever thought why patients are often advised by doctors to strengthen their willpower?
In other words we can say that the willpower is very essential for the patient’s speedy recovery. But do you know, where from one could get this willpower. Yes, it is our positive thinking through which we could strengthen our willpower. Willpower is the substitute for positive thinking. When a patient on the bed starts to think positively, he attains a strong willpower and it helps him to recover very fast.
We have seen many such cases when people suffered from deadly diseases recover with the help of their strong willpower. And where from this willpower comes. It comes from their optimistic approach. They think positive and get timely cure.
In other words, there is a famous law in physics called the ‘Newtons third law of motion which states as ,”For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”.
Same is the case with our thinking too and its application is also applied to us in our daily routine. Our single action is subjected and governed by our thinking. If it is positive, the output arising from it is also positive. If our thinking is negative, its results will be negative. So it all depends on our state of mind.
Positive thinking has millions and billions of benefits. Scientifically, when we start to think positive, it releases such hormones inside our body which helps us to relieve our mental pain and pressure.
Our body starts to function properly and proves hygienic to us. According to Islam and science, a person who thinks positive will never fall prey of depression, anxiety and tension. Our state of mental makeup and mental health determines odds and evens for us.
Now the question arises, how many of us are thinking positive. While on the one side we talk about positive thinking and positive energy. But on the other side we practically see what is in our hands. The whole world is engulfed with pessimism and negative energy.
It could be seen with the help of data available to us. The people indulging in such horrible acts are a live example, what kind of thinking we exhibit. Unless or until we refrain from the negative thinking we will never get our pious missions accomplished.
The day we start to thinking positive, the dilemma of our minds will end forever and we will pave a way to a life full of optimism and where negativity will have no place to survive.

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