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Pursue with full vigor

Pursue with full vigor
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A fresh impetus to the training in handicraft sector has been initiated in Jammu and Kashmir by unveiling the ‘Karkhandar’ scheme which is a unique concept as far the upliftment of artisans and weavers through training is concerned.
The scheme can prove a landmark decision that will give a fresh lease of life to the craft scene of the UT and especially to the languishing crafts. The scheme will not only boost those crafts which have good potential but also the languishing ones. Among the languishing crafts the crafts like Glazed tiles, Silver ware and filligree are being planned for full revival.
The aim of the scheme is to transfer the skill set of the master craftsmen to the younger generation as this was a general observation that the skill transfer from the master craftsmen to the younger generation was happening at a snail’s pace.
This issue was being raised several times as the younger generation was not showing willingness to come forward and help in preserving the arts and crafts that once brought laurels and revenue for Jammu and Kashmir besides a unique recognition for its craftsmen.
Now that an initiative has been planned it needs to be taken seriously and pursued with full vigour so that the objective for which the entire exercise has been conceived is achieved.
Interestingly, by virtue of this scheme, the practical knowledge sharing between the skilled and those who want to equip themselves in the practical aspects of the particular trade will happen at a fast pace and in a time bound manner.
This scheme is in addition to some already launched major schemes that include Artisan Credit Card Scheme and Scheme of Financial Assistance to the Cooperatives for the artisans and weavers of the UT.
The scheme has been conceived for implementation throughout the UT by Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir and Jammu.
Notably, the manpower generated through various training programmes by the department in the form of trainees will now get an edge as the trainees will get training from the experienced trainers in nearby Karkhanas and those trainers now can be National/ State/ Shilp Guru awardees/ Master crafts person of repute in their respective crafts.
The main thrust of the scheme shall be to identify and impart skill upgradation training in such crafts which are facing human resource crunch like walnut wood carving, silver filigree, carpet, kanishawl weaving, khatamband and Paper Machie crafts.
Under the scheme the meritorious trainees will be given an honorarium and the trainer will get logistics support and assistance for providing raw materials etc.
The scheme can infuse a lease of life in the already strained handicrafts sector but what is needed is that a sincere and serious effort should be put in to make it a real success.

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