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Hope keeps you alive

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Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon
‘The only way you can write the truth is to assume that what you set down will never be read. Not by any other person, and not even by yourself at some later date. Otherwise you begin excusing yourself ‘….Margaret Atwood.
Change is the law of nature and from last two years every aspect of life has been affected by Covid 19, but if we put aside the negative effects and consider the positive ones, we will see many positive aspects such as clean environment, reduced pollution levels, and biodiversity.
It also had a positive effect on children and if we talk about the hidden talents in children, the tendency of children towards book writing has been very visible from the last two years. And we can proudly say that our land is not barren but fertile even though we have very little in the way of resources. Today I’m sharing with you the story of my Student and the Author of a book ‘HOPE: It keeps you alive’ by Mir Asra Rehman available on online platforms too.
Mir Asra Rehman is a class 12th Medical student hailing from a Small village Ashmander of district Pulwama famous for apple and rice production. Presently Asra is residing in Pampore famously known as the saffron town.
Asra started the journey of writing at a very little age. According to Asra she always used to imagine a lot of things and think about fiction very often. More than imagining she calls it over thinking. She says that over thinking is not always something negative it can be positive as well. So the positive over thinking resulted in the brain cooked stories that she has presented in her novel.
The book is all about hope and it also defines some topics that are relatable; it talks about the emotional stress and strain we face and go through. The author has further tried to make different generations communicate through this novel and also there are definitions of almost every relationship she has used in it.
When I asked Asra about the motive of the book she replied ‘The motive of the book is to provide information about the changes we face and make people feel more comfortable with themselves. The book defines how acceptance is the key to happiness. How contentment helps in every way of life. It also shows how beautifully we can cope up with problems we face on daily basis.’
Talking about future plans and inspiration,the Author replied that she wants to become a well known writer however, she wants to be a great and kind doctor as well so that she can help people with her skills and my words as well.
Regarding inspiration she says that her inspiration has always been someone she knows personally. Mir Mashood, a writer living in her locality at Pampore besides, Miss Sahiba Tariq and Late Dr Mir Muhammad Ashraf from Konibal Pampore.
When I asked Asra about her strength she replied, after Allah Almighty who gave her strength to write something she is thankful to her readers who have always motivated her to write good stuff and helped her through all this.
(The author is working as Sr Edp Head and Councilor at DD Target PMT Parraypora)


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