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If I could write a book!

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Shahid Mehboob

Impressive moment uploaded to a day,
The sun rose charm full for the bay,
For the mind filled with sorrows,
grief, ups and downs and conspicuous furrows,
As the sun rose like the same abode
Literally commemorated the evocation of blonde,
Glaced air from hairs, euphonious glow from eyes,
All I could see fled and seen in far flung skies.
Now if I could write a book for my baby,
The first thousands pages will carry their lullaby,
Under the open skies, someone had gazed like blessing,
The air looked soothing and so the day was impressing.
Finally, spontaneous flow of charm interfered,
The beauty, charm, the glow disappeared.
Late night tales, byside fire would bring back me,
Do I come? No, a long time back you delibated me


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