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Avoiding mobile phone habits

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Vijay Garg
Due to the communication revolution in today’s modern age, everyone is using mobile phones. Some people use it so much that they spend more than a quarter of the day talking on their cell phones or hooked to the world of internet.
People are suffering from high blood pressure due to its excessive use. If you want to avoid heart disease, reduce the use of mobile phones. Recent research has shown that excessive use of mobile phones can increase the risk of stroke. Excessive use of mobile phones can increase systolic blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease.
Looking at the results of the research, the researcher found that BP patients are advised to keep a distance from mobile phones. In normal life it is often seen that when a person starts talking very loudly while talking to someone on the phone, sometimes he gets so upset after listening to what the person is saying that he loses his temper.
Often people get emotional while talking on the phone or get into fights due to excessive anger. This is the time when people’s blood circulation increases due to mobile, in which sometimes people have to go to the doctor.
Mobile has become an important part of the routine of children and the elderly. The living proof of how important mobile phones have become today is that they are an important part of the routine of young children, young people, women, men and even the elderly. Without it, people feel incomplete. After school, children start chatting and gaming on their mobile phones, which can be very dangerous for them.
Mobile increases stress
Mobile phones increase stress in everyday life. As a result, large numbers of people are falling prey to diseases. It is common to see that if the phone does not ring for a while or no tune is heard then we unknowingly open the phone and start looking. We open WhatsApp and other social media apps and see again and again that no message has arrived. This in itself is like a disease.
Overuse of Mobile
Excessive and improper use of mobile phones serves as a kind of slow-poison. This is because blood pressure and other ailments gradually build up, and neglect can lead to heart attack, which can be fatal.
What do medical experts say?
Dr. Balraj Gupta says that research is being done on most of the problems caused by mobile phones but one thing that has come to light so far is that excessive use of mobile phones is a common complaint of high blood pressure in men.
Arousal while talking on a mobile phone causes the blood flow in the human body to increase rapidly, which can lead to the risk of heart disease at any time. So we have to use mobile phones very carefully otherwise the consequences can be very bad.
What about a telecom expert?
Telecom expert Rajesh Bahri says that when we talk on a mobile phone, the phone emits the most radio waves, which has the opposite effect on the human body. Because of this, sometimes the person listening to the phone or the caller gets very excited after listening to the person on the other end. At such times it can be harmful to health. He says that one should talk as little and short as possible on mobile phone and not too long.
(The author is a Retired Principal based at Malout in Punjab)


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