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The addiction of online games has become fatal

The addiction of online games has become fatal
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Vijay Garg
The technological conveniences present in the fist have also created situations to put life at risk. The use of smart gadgets has created conditions of privacy for adults and directionlessness for children.
In recent years, the addiction of online games has become fatal for children. In Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, a web of online games has again snatched the life of a child. It is a really frightening incident that a 13 year old child studying in 6th standard taking a step likes suicide after spending 40 thousand rupees in online gaming.
In the era of digital world, children are committing suicide by getting trapped in virtual games and sometimes after they have lost money. Sometimes becoming a victim of blackmailing, sometimes they themselves get caught in the path of crime. The risks associated with online games for children and the hallmarks of smart phones are coming to the fore.
From metros to villages and towns, virtual games are taking a toll on the real life of children. Things that should practically have no place in the lives of children are creating the conditions for their lives and deaths.
Along with this, such incidents are also examples of the increasing interference of smart gadgets, online games and internet in the life of children. The most worrying thing is that children are longing out of life in the turn of playing field games on the screen of smart gadgets.
Ironically, even games have been confined to the mobile phone screen. Not only children but adults also remain a part of the virtual world of games. Everyone keeps playing strange games with their eyes fixed on smart gadgets even knowingly.
Many games are controlling the mind and brain and taking the children towards death. So far more than 250 children have committed suicide worldwide due to games like Blue Whale. Many children here too have ended their lives because of this game. Following such incidents, the central government had asked major search engines and social media platforms to remove links to download the game, banning the Blue Whale game, which incites children to commit suicide.
Sports bring all kinds of positivity in life, but the games of smart gadgets are inviting many physical and mental ailments, cause of depression and stress. People of all ages are being trapped in the web of unseen faces.
Technological gadgets have not been limited to human convenience and medium of communication. The craze of their strange use has created new dangers. The ignorance of the cyber world, the unknown world, is snatching away the understanding of the children.
The games played on mobile to pass the time have become a means of giving life to the people or living society and living life by cutting itself off. According to the report of the Uttar Pradesh Child Welfare Committee, which came some time ago, 3500 children ran away from home in a span of three years because their parents were not allowing them to use mobiles.
This figure is not only the changing behavior of the children being brought by smart gadgets but also the hallmark of the mistakes being made on the upbringing front. Undoubtedly, such incidents alert to the increasing interference of online games and virtual worlds.
Especially for the parents, it has become a matter of serious thinking and deep understanding that how children are playing games in the name of entertainment on smart gadgets. For what activities are you using the gadgets? It is important for parents to be alert because despite such incidents, new games keep knocking in the world of internet.
Not only this, there are many other things in the web of cyber world that make innocent children directionless. In such a situation, only the support and communication of loved ones can save childhood from being directionless. Due to online schooling in the Corona era, the screen time of children has increased further.
In times of disaster, it is worrying that children are not giving full time to studies only. According to the latest report of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, in the era of online schooling, children are spending more energy in the virtual world than in studies. Based on information taken from 60 schools in 6 states, this report says that only 10 percent of children are using smart phones for education.
According to this report, which includes information from children, parents and teachers, 59.2 percent of children are running WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram on smart phones. Instead of e-learning, we are giving more time to text messaging.
In such a situation, the consciousness of the parents is really important. In the life of children missing in the screen world, guidance and meaningful dialogue from elders is very important.
In this era of technological advancement, it is not only difficult to bind children, but they also cannot be kept away from smart gadgets. In such a situation, only the alert behavior and positive thinking of the parents can save the life of the children.
Explaining the difference between need and addiction, we can teach the lesson of discipline to children about the meaningful use of smart gadgets.
(The author is a former Principal and an educationist based at Malout in Punjab)

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