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False notion of modernity

False notion of modernity
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Farhad Ahmad Pir
Living a life in a modern age is laced with technology and science and has no doubt made our life comfortable and easily accessible to the things which were not viable before the advancement of science.
We must appreciate the innovations and discoveries of such genius men. Such innovations come into being with a lot of effort and hard work. The contribution of such men opened gateways of new vistas of knowledge. But it is sad to say that we people do not know the importance of these creative and innovative minds.
Not to speak of exploring the universe in the same way but unfortunately, we could not even make the good use of this expertise. We do not even try to understand like these people that we too could contribute to our nation at our own capacity. But in the long run we could not even wink our eye for such a cause. On the other hand we prove defaulters and take this technology in a negative sense.
Through this wrong sense we not only ruin our life but through our actions we are polluting our societies and the new generation who are blindly following our footsteps. Truly speaking we have left no stone unturned in adopting the modernity in an unconstructive way.
Our youth is trying to get excellence over others by not letting others go ahead in this rat race of negative way of becoming a modern man. This wrong sense of achieving modernity has put our life under a great havoc and we are unable to come out of this bog and cope with the real sense of modernity. Our younger generations who have the craze of attaining modernity by any unfair means, actually they are stepping into a realm of misapprehending the essence of modernity.
They do a lot of futile hard work to earn this name. They are fond of people calling them modern. Some of the things on which our youth is standstill and compact in assuming the things in their lives and have a thought that such things will lead them into the world of modernity, such as we people are measuring our lavish life style with modernity. It shows the height of our stupidity.
We keep such parameters to counter modernity like having a classy cars, mansions, wearing branded clothes, eating non vegetarian, keeping expensive cell phones, using a car to go out even to buy a loaf of bread. Not only this we get up very late in the morning as we are busy like bees over the night and how is it possible to wake up early in the morning when we have other lot of important stuff to be done which starts from typing on the cell phones under the multi layers of blankets and how could our parents wake us up because they believe that our children must be studying late at night on the cell phones that have now become a vital mode of receiving education in the present pandemic.
Our youth do not get up until they have a keen look on every social networking apps like whatsapp, facebook, skype, twitter and lot of other stuff. After the morning work, their afternoon begins in the barber’s shop where they do all sort of feminine characteristics like trimming, bleaching, threading, plucking of eyebrows, and everyday cutting of hair in different styles and even shaving the prohibited parts of body, by doing these practices man may lose the masculine features.
Our youth is so advanced; they do not miss even a single day without paying a visit to a barber’s shop. Here I recalled an incident, few days before I wanted to have a hair cut in a nearby Barber’s shop, where mostly a young generation is welcomed, I sat down on a cozy chair and started waiting for my turn, I started to count my time and was much regretted that my whole day got wasted from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. As waiting is one of the wicked things in life and it made me much exhausted and once I stood up from the chair and made my mind that I would come some other day. But how could I go without cutting as I had already wasted two hours. Keeping the importance of the time in mind I spent two more hours in waiting. So, at last I was called for a haircut. The reason of my waiting was that it took two hours for each younger one to make a hair style according to their ‘role models’, as we have become the worshipper of these idols.
After afternoon, we can see our young ones in the evening time on the road sides, wall sides, tailor shops and antiquated government buildings discussing about different branded items like shoes, shirts and other things. Not only this young one’s associate modernity with the person who is smoking expensive cigarettes and is excessively busy over phone. Some have incorporated even more bad traits like wearing jeans with cuts on thighs and even on the back sides, and drop jeans as much lower as it does the work of a sweeper in sweeping the dust on the streets.
Some even keep their trousers one foot high above the ankles like farmers act before planting rice samples in paddy fields. This new style is common even in girls as well. Such type of artificial adoration will only lead them to destruction and ruin their future. Every misinterpretation and negative thinking is hell-bound. We should not adopt anything without examining.
Our fully embracing modern things will shatter our consciousness and negate our traditions. Modern man does not take anything by its face value but examines it first. Our younger ones must shun this negative concept of modernity. There is no wrong in taking the benefit of technology or anything from west but we must not take anything without refining and adjust it to the requirement of Islamic society. This is a trait of modern man and if our younger generation really wants to be a modern, then they have to give up this false notion of modernity.
Modern man does not waste time and harm health by playing and watching various games and other things on cell phones overnight but he ought to be conscious about his health and time and understand both as valuable gifts of life.
Modernity does not mean only to make change in outer appearance by wearing costly dresses and roaming in filmy cars but we have to build our inside man on moral principles which must not be based on false interpretation of modernity. Modernity in general means to be consciousness of being a responsible member in a society.
Modern man’s character and attitude is always soft spoken, open minded, humble, honest and helpful. He has an eye on current affairs and in-depth understanding of his surroundings. Modern man possesses an inquisitive mind, adventurous, and is constantly in search of learning new things and is conscious of his rights and knows how to lead society forward. Modernity in a person is revealed by his actions when he is able to distinguish between good and bad and knows how to treat an old man, elders and women with utmost care and respect.
Modernity does not come with by rejecting our own culture, customs and traditions and blindly following western societies. Undoubtedly, modern man is a tradition bound; he is always in the revival of his culture and neglected customs. Mathew Arnold in his essay Culture and Anarchy says, Any nation without culture cannot survive, it perishes, those who have culture outshines than those who don’t have.
In real sense, modern man is a worshiper of his own culture and a strict believer of his own religion and follows his religious and social duties passionately.In order to become a modern we have to inculcate these traits in ourselves and shun the fake conception of modernity.
(The author is writing on diverse fields and has published dozen of research papers, short stories and articles in international and national journals. He is a regular contributor to Kashmir Vision)


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