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And ended the Darbar move….

And ended the Darbar move….
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Mohammad Hussain Khan
People in Jammu and Kashmir had never thought that Darbar Move would be coming to an end. A tradition of a century and half was a unique one. The administration was engaging hundreds of trucks and buses for carrying office records and officials from one capital city to another. Loud voice started during COVID-19 Pandemic over the hefty amount of money and time spent on its exercise.
This bold loud voice also enjoyed public support. Many criticized the government for spending hug sum of money on this exercise every year, when it did not have enough funds even to pay salary/wages to the employees and DRW’s.
Even the Court observed that there was not legal justification and constitutional basis for the Darbar Move tradition, pointing out that practice has resulted in wastage of huge amount of money, time, efforts and energy on this unnecessary activity. The court recommended that in case the practice was rationalized, the resources and time could be utilized for the welfare and development of the people of UT.
A sagacious recommendation which explores the fact that resources are as much meant for the prince as for the common man. Those who advocate its continuation argue that the practice had enabled interaction and bonding among the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. But how will lamp help a blind person in dark?
Relationships are built upon trust, shared experiences and common interests. So be sure, social bonds have nothing to do with Darbar Move. It is the process of nurturing of trust and understanding and is different from simple liking. It is not based on the length of time you spend together but on the foundation you have built together.
It is in place to mention here that when technology has demonstrated so strikingly its power and potential then why new hopes could not be brought forth and exploiting the huge sum of public money incurred on extraneous activity of Darbar Move for progress and prosperity of the people in Jammu and Kashmir. Let this opinion shall find a binding force so that some people of both the regions instead of opposing on the idea may appease.
When technology has come to dominate the world in modern times and has built up a glittering civilization then office records loaded on trucks every year from Srinagar to Jammu and vice versa is not all goody goody good.
Again the false shine of Darbar Move has given thrill only to some but was never well with low rung poor employees who are always at the beck and call of their bosses. The decision of UT administration to switch over to e-governance is both adroitness and welcome step. It leads to automated services, ensures citizen participation at all levels of governances and revolutionizes the function of Govt. and ensures transparency. Thus it is undoubtedly the truth of a modest sort and also sincerity. When the economy hits upon tough times then having savings can be a God send.
Thus closing of Darbar Move should more be related with savings of public money and be treated as a sage advice. It will allow people of J and K to enjoy greater security for future expenses and will prove the backbone to an unexpected situation. Unfortunately most of us only concern ourselves with the present and blink at the future.
Truly speaking Darbar Move was a unique but not less unique in the dilemma it has conjured up. The rosy picture of a satisfied and fulfilled life for some concerned clouded by the thought that some may have accidentally got astride a run way horse from which there was not getting off.
But UT administration awakened and inferred how technology can be brought into use to put an end to this Archaic System for ever and to save public money for great deal of interest of J&K people.
Hurrah! And it came to an end. Every ending is nothing more than a new beginning.
(The author is a regular contributor to Kashmir Vision. He can be reached at [email protected])

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