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Pride: A virus in human heart

Pride: A virus in human heart
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Mohammad Hussain Khan
Belittling others and thinking of yourself as superior to others means pride. Feeling of superiority is very damaging for the person. It leads to sickness of mind and incorrect behavior. People who live in a state of pride inhabit a dark internal world.
Their behaviour is never sincere and genuine. When criticized their facial muscles tense up and their expressiondulls. They are dismayed by concern about damage to their prestige and are constantly on tenterhooks.
Proud people imagine that their achievements stem from themselves, instead of realizing that they are blessings bestowed on them by “Allah”. By overestimating these attributes in their own eyes they belittle and disparage those around them. As a result of this behaviour, their associates find them repellent and unattractive.
This means that proud people never have true friends who feel a genuine affection for them. Allah has given a troublesome mood to these people who are grabbled by the sickness of pride. Holy Quran says, “Do not avert your face from people out of haughtiness and do not strut about arrogantly on the earth. Allah does not love anyone who is boastful.” (Surha Luqman).
Pride is also the first sin that has been mentioned in the Quran. When shaitan was ordered to prostate to Adam, he became proud and arrogant and hence disobeyed Allah’s command. Therefore, shaitan rejects truth and does not accept anyone superior to him. Thus he was dismissed from his esteemed status due to pride.
Iblis (Shaitan) was amongst the angelic creations but it is due to his pride that he degraded himself and became a transgressor. Thus we need to realize whenever we think ill and low of someone, we should think of shaitan’s pride and the consequences that his pride led him to.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride shall not enter Paradise”. Thus pride does not let us to achieve the status of a believer. Hence it closes doors of heaven for us. Pride changed Angles into devils whereas humility is the true virtue. A man who thinks too high of his own worth, rank, power and qualities has a nasty fall. He comes to harm.
History is replete with examples of great emperors who fell because of their false pride.To develop inner balance and to stay grounded in truth we have to give up pride and follow the right path if we do that nothing will touch us, neither praise nor disgrace.
Let us start with thoughts pure and serene and practice humility instead of pride which is a step higher than sympathy and empathy. Let us understand that there is a lot of difference between human being and being a human.
To stay away from pride we must remember where we come from and what our end is.If we realize this, it is hardly possible that we shall be proud. We all have to return to Allah.
This belief allows us to be focus on worshipping Allah and shall greatly help us in not letting pride to infect our heart.

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