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Cooperative can create wonders

Cooperative can create wonders
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Cooperatives have created history wherever they were given a good breeding ground. One of the major success stories of cooperative movement is the Amul movement that not only transformed rural India but also paved way for others to imitate the story and help people carve success stories and flourish in their very own field and that too within their native places.
However, the cooperatives movement in Jammu and Kashmir did not pick up since the day they were introduced. Various initiatives that were taken like establishing super markets and low profit outlets did not make it big nor did they create any interest among the people to turn it a big success.
Off late now the government has decided to infuse fresh life in the Cooperative Super Bazars here in J&K. A new initiative has been taken to modify these business establishments on modern lines so that both the footfall and transparency increases.
The administration has decided to release the funds forthwith for the renovation of these Super Bazars aiming to revive the business of these cooperative stores using IT tools. Besides, various other measures are being worked out as these super bazaars have been allotted ample and attractive spaces at prime locations in major cities and towns across J&K.
Though the move needs lot of planning and effective implementations of plans, the super bazaars can work wonders as the people have already shown their trust on these bazaars and they too had in the past come up to the expectations of the people.
To begin with the administration must ensure that all the Super Bazars are registered on the GeM portal so that they are able to do secure business with government offices and other organizations. Besides, a health approach of training the staff at these centres also needs to be taken up on emergency basis so that they are provided hands on training on marketing and salesmanship skills.
By doing this the sales staff can motivate and serve the customers better as is done in other popular private retail chain outlets.
Right now there are seven super bazars in the UT that have done a cumulative business of about Rs. 3038.44 lakhs during the previous financial year despite getting affected by covid-19 pandemic with a profit of Rs 52.93 lakhs during this period.
These figures are an ample indication that if the plan to rejuvenate the super bazaars is taken on professional lines then things can witness a change for the good.


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