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Ignorance and its many facets

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Tousif Raza
In the first part of this article I have completely gone through the definition of ignorance. The dictionary of English defines ignorance as lack of knowledge or information but as per research and enquiry I came across the explanation that ignorance is an inbuilt capacity through which mankind became able to skip all that is harmful for him.
Ignorance is a divine truth revealing strength to visualize everything that we need and we don’t need. But the philosophical controversy of ignorance tends people to understand the actualization of life. Ignorance lies in the class where knowledge from books is none worthy.
It is a feeling developed inside which is devised to be helpful for all those who want to focus and concentrate towards lord. The people who are interested to make a bond of love between Lord and themselves. Ignorance is the best to create, strengthen and to retain this relation forever. If you and your positive attitude is opposed you ignore and focus, if you and your strength is tried to demolish you ignore and focus, and if your enthusiasm is tried to weaken for your aims you ignore and focus. All time if you ignore the fear you can reach up to the lofts you wish. The ignorance is applicable in every field of life but here today I have discussed ignorance in to Lord is a harmful sin.
“And I didn’t create but to worship.” These are exactly the words of our Holly book Quran spelling word by word that we are none worthy if we ignore to worship, if we ignore to remember our creator, if we ignore to be thankful for all of his gifts and blessings he provided.
Ignorance to our Lord and his ordered principle will be the reason for our stress and restless life. He by the above given words guides us that the doors of my mercy are always open until you ignore to be thankful for my blessings. The life for all ignorant will be worse than death, it will be peace less, pleasure less and mercy less by every aspect and dimension.
The relation between lord and creatures is seventy times stronger than the relation between parent and siblings. The bond of love in today’s generation need to be developed as we are ignoring the master, the master who has created death and life to illustrate that I’m the only whom you need, I’m the only who is with you even in the situation when everyone will raise his hands from helping you.
In such a great and lucid way with a constant guidance he is illustrating that don’t ignore me, I’m that who believes in your love and feeling, I’m that who knows your ability so utilise my mercy as power and pack yourself, design yourself and ignore the world for me, I will bring it under your feet in the way you wish.
“And those who start searching me from initial.” This extract is from ‘Surah Al Ankaboot’ telling about a collection of people who are concentrated towards Allah since the period they have got sense to differentiate.
Through this extract we can explore many things about ignorance and it’s opposite words like watching, concentrating, focusing and loving. This full verse is actually about those who are concerned always about the relation between lord and them. The wish could conquer the ignorant as if they could ignore themselves and dissolve there in God and His existence.
They wish as if they could ignore their existence, they could ignore their need in the world. It is very hard to ignore the needs bi-laterally, it is too much difficult to be ignorant for the fact that we made with body that we need to serve to survive. It has been always a hard task for mankind to ignore inner coherences which propel them to be denied from the Lord.
Now the education for mankind is the principles of Lord provided to live a life balance between odds and evens, between to and fro. Ignore all that deviating you towards many other pathways not leading to God. He never ignores those who love him. He never forgets to shower mercy on those who have ignored all around only for him.
He never is late to illuminate those who have ignored all the external light to concentrate the inner dark to search for Him. Ignore because ignoring or ignorance is a bold representative of relation. It provides a scheduled focus. It gives a goal which gives a unilateral and uni-directional path of understanding to revolutionize everything in better way.
In love it is necessary to be blind because it is dark around you that prepares you to ignore everything around you so that’s you can concentrate and love your beloved Lord. Round the globe people show ignorance, pretend to be higher, pretend to be unique, pretend to be independent but those who ignore in love to Lord are actually the heroes who are ignoring the world in such a way that they fill up the bottle of those around them with mercy.
“I The Lord of Mercy have given you a doctrine of life (Quran) and have taught you to talk. Sent you the stars to enlighten”. It is always very hard to ignore what Lord has blessed us. He has provided us everything we need to survive. This bless on every creature must be a strong reason to develop a bond of love between Allah and us. It is a fact that we are unable to ignore that He is the merciful, we are unable to ignore he has produced everything around us only for our benefit. All the concept in the third extract is about to reach the truth that the ignorance to lord is not only devastation but is a harmful act and a big sin.
We are socially dependent on one another, we are incomplete without each other but past two are three centuries passed in ignorance. Responsibilities are not full filled people ignore. Ethical values of our youth are descending day by day but the parents are ignoring due to many sound reasons. The time is running out fast and we are not furious about it. It is passing without any new responsible work done. We ignore because we are careless. Through all this spiritual approach I came to the conclusion that “Death is not the end but ignorance is death and life maker.”
(The author is a student. Concluded)

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