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Mega plantation drive needed
Uttar Pradesh’s achievement of planting 25.5 crore seedlings in a single day is commendable. The State set a goal of planting 30 crore seedlings in July.
This year, the state was on the verge of setting a slew of new plantation records. The forest cover in Uttar Pradesh rose by 127 square kilometres in 2019 compared to the 2017 assessment, according to the Forest Survey of India.
The state’s tree cover is 3.05 percent, compared to 2.89 per cent nationally. The government has also launched a competition, with prizes for the winners. People should be encouraged to plant more seedlings.
On the forest department’s website, citizens have contributed photos of the planting. This is an excellent strategy for promoting greenery and preserving forests. The mega-plantation initiative is required for long-term development and a brighter future. People must ensure maximum plantations in their surrounding locations as a matter of necessity.
Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)

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