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Suicides are on the rise
Suicide, whether outside Kashmir or in Kashmir, is a matter of concern. However, ours land is called the “Land of Pirs”, where these kinds of incidents are rarely seen. Truth, sympathy, empathy, tolerance, optimism, etc., used to run in our veins.
We were real models for others to come out winning in the most difficult situations. From LalDed to Sheikh-Ul-Alam, we have Makhdum Hamza, who taught us that what the real meaning of life is.
They taught us that pessimism had no place in Islam. Following these principles for a long period of time, we had happiness and contentment in our lives. Like the Industrial Revolution in England, which apart from providing us material comforts, resulted in destruction of social norms.
A man was treated like a commodity. Profit became the order of the day. In the same vein, Kashmir came under the evil influence of materialism that has made the lives of majority of people hellish. Thus, in the present times, when there are no lights at the ends of the tunnels, people have become quite pessimistic.
Failing in getting government job, break-ups in relationships, rat-race competition, greed, jealousy, etc., have made people less tolerant and they take extreme steps. Escaping from reality has become a fashion and craze to take their own lives.
Every religion abhors it. Life is a God’s gift that has to be lived according to the wishes of the Creator. But lack of moral education and inclination towards the digital world, have made people, particularly, to lose contact with the reality of life. Knowing all the things, the need of the hour is to begin talking to each other. Religious knowledge should become the order of the day. Students or youth should be engaged in daily chores and taught that becoming a doctor or an IAS officer is not the only motive of life. Life is more than this. So, try to live life as you find it.
Syed Mustafa Ahmad. HMT Zainakote

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