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Print Media- far more important than the King

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Mohammad Hussain Khan
In a democratic setup the government is highly guided by public opinion. It is public opinion which makes or unmakes the government. The common man has neither the time nor the ability to understand the gravity of the problem facing the country or state.
For him media is just like a parliament permanent in session. It is well said that constant dripping wears away the stone. Therefore constant reading of newspapers, magazines etc is shaping over views on different issues of the day. However, print media can be profitable only when exercised from within.
Print media is the most striking feature of modern civilization. It reflects people’s opinion and is both at the receiving and giving end. The Public is the leader and as well as the follower.
If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are just like tongue tied soloists. Print media must be a watchdog and raise strong voice against dishonest politicians, economic depression and social injustice. It can make a hero of a common man and a common man of a hero. It has been given the responsibility of checking and balancing the administration and the government wherever there is social evil lurking and oppression happens, the media is the first one to raise a voice like a responsible Parliament/Assembly in regular session.
Certainly print media has succeeded in achieving what the swords would not have even thought of. The print media worked wonders and has changed the destiny of nation. In the hour of crisis some soothing words from matured responsible media can put the sinking one back to life whereas the taunts and frowns from the same can make one to lose all charms in life.
Let print media stand on such platform of power as a scarecrow stands. A scarecrow is a thing of straw but it protects the corn. Print publications should rule passion, desire and fears. Print media is a living Law and should kneel only to truth, follow only beauty and obey only love. It can storm and ride the tempest. Its opinions are read and discussed in thousand homes.
When we say and admit that print media is far more important than a King so it must justify its position in a fine and fair manner. Every conscious citizen wishes that responsible publication be practiced to stop spreading hate and rancor.
(The author can be reached at khanhussain.ang@gmail.com)


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