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Yaripora Kulgam residents rue poor power infrastructure

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Kulgam: The people of Matibug Yaripora area of district Kulgam complained of facing difficulties due to the poor power infrastructure in the area.
Local residents said that the area always remains under the threat of a mishap as the HT line remains hanging on wooded poles and trees at many places.
The locals said dangling wires are lying over trees as there are no poles in the area and as weather turns rough the electricity to the area is turned off.
They added that the concerned department has never bothered to change the electric poles and wires since last three decades.
“The barbed wires actually used for fencing purpose have been laid in the area for power supply which at the various places is tied with wooden logs and tree branches,” the locals said.
“The population living in the village is anxious as the weak infrastructure poses threat to the human life and livestock as well,” locals said.
People said that despite repeated requests to concern department and district administration no heed has been paid so far to mitigate the problem.
They requested District Magistrate Kulgam and executive engineer PDD Kulgam to look into the matter and install poles along with wires in the area, so that fatal incidents can be averted.


Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a reporter and covers regional news and can be contacted ganaie@kashmirvision.in

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