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Youth can help in Ecosystem restoration

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Sahil Wani
Ecosystem Restoration is not a modernised term, not even the present-time implementation but antecedent assistance of some folks in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed. Howsoever, the term ‘restoration’ preferably indicates or suggests the practising of conserving the ecosystem that are still intact.
History of Restoration
Restoration ecology comes out as a discrete field in ecology in the late twentieth century. The term was coined by “John Aber” and William Jordan. However, indigenous peoples, land managers, stewards, and laypeople have been practising Ecological restoration or ecological management for thousands of years.
Despite the benefits or welfare gain. They are too much indulged in conserving practices. The main rationale was to preserve or conserve the invaluable precious resources and decreed favours of nature.
Why ecosystem Restoration?
Ecosystem degradation has emerged as one of the biggest environmental threats around the world over the last few decades and especially it has loomed drastically around the beautiful planet (earth) over the last plenty lustrum. Almost all our ecosystem, terrestrial or otherwise stand degraded to varying degrees due to a plenty mix of factors such as developmental pressures, population growth, overexploitation, etc.
Importance of ecosystem
The first and very much indispensable importance is that our ecosystem provides habitat to wild plants and diverse animal kingdom.
Secondly, it controls essential ecological processes and promotes life. Provides succinct access and splendid chains of surviving environment. Promotes Various food chains and food webs.
Lastly, maintaining the usual flow of energy in an ecosystem; obviously in the form of the carbon cycle, Energy cycle, Nitrogen cycle and water cycles.
Apart from this importance, the ecosystem also plays an important role in controlling the rotation of crop with the management of various functioning processes. In addition, it plays a vital role in biological surveys, conservation of soil, wildlife etc.
Safeguard strides taken by Authentic Organisations
Fortunately, the United Nations Decade on ecosystem Restoration runs from 2021_2030. The decade programme is much similar to other international decades which were adopted spectacularly. The main purpose or aim or motive goal of this Launched programme is to promote the United Nation’s goals. Specifically, to facilitate global cooperation for the restoration of the degraded and destroyed ecosystem. Along with fostering effort to combat climate change, safeguard biodiversity, food security and water supply. It should be noted that the United Nation decade on Ecosystem Restoration began on world environment day, 5 June 2021
Role of youth
Inevitably, youth are mainstay respondents and deserving volunteers and indulged strenuously, when it comes to restoration. Interestingly, ecosystem Restoration has featured in a scientific journal and environmental projects for almost 40years, more than half of survey takes (57%) were below the age of 34 (Data recorded within accordance United Nation environment programme).
° Youths are expected to play a vital role in restoration projects, like tree planting, under the UN decade.
° Young folks like me; can anticipate this eco-friendly and caring programme by putting an end to worse air pollution. Here I indicate myself Specifically; because people belonging from predominating showing areas ( residential areas) surround with some sort of commercial sites and spots, may significantly are responsible for deforestation and polluting the pure etc.
Amid, the ordeal of the epidemic (SARS COV 2)
Often we observe our surrounding environment as a free sumptuous habited free from pollution and filths. This pandemic surely appears an ordeal or tribulation for mankind but at the same time, didn’t become an ill-affected factor for nature.
°Youth specifically need to have to ponder a prophylactic and safeguard strides productivity towards the rivers and takes. Here in “Kashmir”, we are blessed with splendid water forms but at the same time. We make it a hazardous catastrophe by polluting it. Stupidly we take part in over-extraction of water for the unnecessary project which isn’t useful and somehow for beneficiaries in case of particulate industrial scales and energy.
° Youth must need to restore farmlands by using nature as a boost, planting trees on the field, growing more diverse crops and adopting regenerative agriculture
° At length; it’s up to all of us to protect and restore our precious forests.
° At this time; lockdown imposition due to severe outbreaks of a pandemic; youths can play a vital role in restoring via taking pledges, webinars and social hashtagging to survey, reckoning and pre-planning of future programmes.
(The author is a student. He can be reached at sahilwani808@gmail.com)

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