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Against all odds

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Fahid Fayaz Darangay is a pure technical subject oriented student who has done his Masters in Financial Economics from one of the most reputed economics institutions in India, Madras School of Economics.
He was born with a physical disability (not having his right hand from elbow) on September 28, 1998 in a village called Waghama which lies in Tehsil Bijbehara of Anantnag district.
The good thing he always acknowledges about his disability is that neither he nor his any family members shy about it. He often thanks his parents for supporting a mindset of him being competent like every other person or being smart in his life way more than the physically fit persons.
His parents let him do every physical work at home so that he would not feel uncompetitive and he does it with ease. He likes to talk about physical disability to break the social taboo of it. The easier and most effective way he thinks of doing this is the poetry. He loves to play cricket with his friends and sometimes outplay them thus confusing them of their physical abilities.
The taste for literature be it English, Urdu or Kashmiri comes from his genes as his parents are passionate about poetry. Being raised in such an environment was easy for him to love poetry and try his hand in it. Besides he thinks that it is something which is gifted from the true colors of nature.
He says that sometimes even he can write four to five poems a day and sometimes not a single couplet even in months. . He has already read hundreds of novels of different national and international authors. He started writing poetry at the early age of 17 overflowing the raw emotions of his not being so normal person. He loves to write about love, obsessions, experiences and even his mistakes of believing and not believing.
Coming to his literary and publishing career he started publishing economic centered articles in over a dozen leading newspapers of Kashmir and has already written over fifty articles in a short span of only ten months. He loves to read and write about Islamic Finance. He debuted with his poetry collection “The Dark Stains” in March 2021 and another two to three books are almost ready where he is working as a co author with some promising young writers of the valley and India. The future plans are to write a non-fiction book about physical disability of socioeconomic importance and a fiction novel about his life.
This book contains of 28 poems most of which is the reflection of his experiences with the being of life, with the expectations of world, with the love of and comparisons with normal people and with his obsessions of beliefs about his close friends. Concluding by a direct quote of him, “I am sometimes too bad and sometimes too good to be compared with today’s generation”

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