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Online classes: How far good?

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The online mode of education is slowly and steadily creeping into our lives, though more than half of students can’t afford it.
In the age of science and technology, it is a welcome step.
Before some decades, it was impossible to think that such kind of learning would exist. But thanks to Allah and the hard work by the mortal men that we are in a position to choose between the little damage and the less damage.
However, there are so many problems associated with it that the advantageous side is hidden when it comes to damage. First is addiction. Second is mental frustration. Third is emotional hijacking. Fourth is laziness. Fifth is cheating. Sixth is sexual assault. Seventh is imitation and eighth and last is detachment from society. The need of the hour is to make learning or education as it used to be. Overall, human beings have emotions and instincts that are catered among humans.
Syed Mustafa Ahmad, Zainakote HMT, Srinagar


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