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Artist to sell his artwork to help poor

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Srinagar: Hakim Rizwan Illahi, an artist Friday announced to sell all of his paintings worth millions to help the destitute and the downtrodden people.
The artist decides to do away with all of his revered and invaluable work of years by selling out his profound Paintings worth millions to generate funds for those left annihilated by the Pandemic COVID 19, he said in a statement.
Hakim Rizwan Illahi, a prominent social activist, entrepreneur, writer and an ace artist, has decided to put all of his paintings on sale to contribute relief to the miseries and sufferings of people in Kashmir.
Deeply touched and disturbed by the plight and helplessness of people due to devastation caused by the deadly Corona Virus, I made up my mind to join the fight against the miseries and sufferings of the destitute, he added.
Although the Deadly Virus has certainly affected a few millions by directly infecting them but its consequences have caused more havoc to majority of the population. Rizwan says that his interaction with some of those families who depend on their daily wage earners for even three meals a day.


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